Youth Strategic Committee

The DiscNW Youth Strategic Committee's mission is to. . .

. . .drive the development of youth Ultimate in the Northwest by providing club, community, and school-based playing opportunities; promoting participation among underserved groups; and fostering leadership and sportsmanship through Spirit of the Game.

The Youth Strategic Committee (YSC) is made up of volunteers who meet quarterly to address long-term youth planning, set priorities for youth programs, and brainstorm new programs to promote the growth of youth ultimate.

DiscNW Youth Task Forces

The Youth Strategic Committee oversees three task forces - working committees that each focus on one significant element of DiscNW's youth programming:

  • The Youth Fundraising Task Force plans and implements annual fundraising events for the Youth Development Fund and the Youth Club Championship Scholarship Fund. It evaluates the success of current fundraising strategies and discusses alternative fundraising activities.

  • The Youth Club Task Force discusses and implements opportunities for regional youth club play and provides guidance to DiscNW staff regarding various topics related to the Youth Club Championship teams from Seattle.

  • The Youth Development and Growth Task Force brainstorms and identifies one project for growing and developing youth ultimate in the Northwest.  The project for 2013 is to promote the creation of a sanctioned Seattle Public Schools high school ultimate league.

Volunteering for the YSC or Task Forces 

Volunteers are invited to apply to serve on the DiscNW Youth Strategic Committee or the Task Forces identified above. To apply, contact the DiscNW Director of Youth Operations Wynne Scherf at .  

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