2008 Youth Summit

Summit Results

The following two documents are a report of the data collected from the two major activities at the 2008 DiscNW Youth Summit (the World Café and the Affinity Exercise) and from the post-Summit survey. The first consists of a preliminary analysis of the data collected, and the second provides verbatim transcripts of all of the data (with some minor edits for spelling and/or punctuation). 

The DiscNW staff and Board of Directors are currently using these reports to develop an official strategic document for youth, which will be available for public viewing by the end of the year.

Want to take part in the discussion about the future of youth Ultimate in Seattle?  This is the event for you!

General Info

Sunday, October 26

Time: Registration at 12:45 pm. Event runs 1-5:30 pm.

Location: The Garden Room in the Brig building at Magnuson Park


Development Team:
  • Adam Waltzer, DiscNW Board of Directors Member
  • William Bartram, DiscNW Executive Director
  • Wynne Scherf, DiscNW Director of Youth Operations
  • Travis Green, TGreen Consulting
  • With feeback and direction from the DiscNW Board of Directors

Registration: Free and available to all interested individuals.

General Description:

Light refreshments will be provided.

The Summit will be facilitated by Travis Green of TGreen Consulting.

Update 10/10/08: For parents whose children will be participating in the "Elements of Sarah" tournament in Redmond, the tournament organizers are making arrangements for children to have supervision until at least 5:00 pm so that parents can attend the Summit until 4:30.  The organizers said that details on the official arrangement will be posted within the next week.

Agenda and Desired Outcomes

Desired Outcomes:

  • To inform and prioritize the strategic direction of short- and long-term youth Ultimate initiatives at DiscNW.

  • To enhance and inform the development of youth Ultimate's "Governing Body" at DiscNW.

  • To continue to build relationships within the DiscNW community.

  • To encourage involvement and commitment from participants moving forward.


The Summit activities are designed such that specific agenda items will emerge through group discussion. The overall methodology provides space for both dialogue and action aimed at the established outcomes. The following is a general timeline for the Summit activities.

  • 12:45 pm Registration

  • 1:00 pm Opening remarks and presentations

  • 1:45 pm Group Activity #1: World Cafe--Small group discussion exercise centering around the following question: "What does a healthy and positive future of youth Ultimate look like?"

  • 3:15 pm Break

  • 3:30 pm Group Activity #2: Affinity Exercise--Part 1: Large group exercise to gather ideas, opinions, and issues around the following question: "How can the Ultimate community and DiscNW create the desired vision expressed during the World Cafe? Think of strategies, structures, systems, partnerships, processes, etc." The group will organize the data collected into themes, then prioritize themes. Part 2: Small working groups focused on each of the top themes will define the action steps required to make the theme come alive.

  • 5:15 pm Closing remarks

  • 5:30 pm Social hour