Head Coach Application: 2012 DiscNW Youth Club Championship Teams

Job Description

The YCC Head Coach positions are temporary, part-time positions beginning on April 1, 2012 and concluding with the Youth Club Championships on August 11-12, 2012.  DiscNW plans to hire three* YCC Head Coaches in 2012:

  1. Girls' U19 Team Head Coach
  2. Open U19 Team Head Coach
  3. Coed U19 Team Head Coach

Preference will be given to YCC Head Coach applicants who are USA Ultimate Level I Certified coaches.  Coaches who are not certified should have a plan for acquiring certification before the tournament. 

The duties of the Head Coach are as follows:

  • Attend all tryout sessions, both coed and single-gender (regardless of coaches’ division assignments).
  • Following tryouts, select players for all three teams, in conjunction with the other coaches.  
  • Take full responsibility for the on-field management of the team, including the following:
    • Planning practice formats, and leading all practices.  
    • Developing team game strategy.
    • Coordinating and coaching at pre-YCC tournament competition(s) (i.e., scrimmages or tournaments).
    • Administering player discipline.
  • Provide a report of the YCC process, from application as a coach to returning home from the tournament, outlining strengths and areas for improvement.

USA Ultimate requires that each team participating in the YCC have at least two chaperones that are 25 years or older, so age will be an important factor in the application process.  Younger coaches will be considered only if DiscNW is able to make alternative arrangements for team chaperones.  All coaches will be subject to a background check to ensure lack of criminal history.

Each head coach will select his or her own assistant coach, who must be approved by the DiscNW YCC Selection Committee.

*DiscNW is not sending a U16 Open team to YSC in 2012.  Click here if you are interested in organizing a U16 Open team from Seattle.

Important Dates

  • Applications are due Sunday, March 11.
  • DiscNW may contact coaches for an interview between March 12 and March 24.
  • Coach selections will be announced on Saturday, March 24.
  • Head coaches need to submit the name and a description of their proposed assistant by Sunday, April 8.  The selection committee will review the proposals and approve or deny them by Sunday, April 15.
  • There will be a mandatory coaches' meeting on a weekday evening or weekend between April 15 and May 4.   We will poll coaches to pick the date that works best for all.
  • Tryouts will occur on May 6, May 20, and possibly on May 27.  All coaches need to attend all tryout sessions.  The May 6 tryout will be for boys at 10am-2pm and girls at 2pm-6pm.  The May 20 tryout will be for girls and boys at 10am-2pm.  The May 27 tryout will depend on whether or not coaches need an additional look at the players.  Tryouts will take place at the Magnuson sports meadow. 
  • Coaches will meet after the final tryout in May and before May 28 to select players for the teams. 
  • Practices will likely be Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and/or Sundays from June 1 through August 8.
  • The tournament is August 11-12 in Blaine, Minnesota.



  • Stipend of $1,000 for head coaches, $500 for assistants.
  • All tournament travel expenses, including a per diem for food and incidentals during the tournament.



An ad hoc committee made up of the following individuals will select the coaches for the YCC teams: 1) members of the Youth Strategic Committee (YSC), 2) DiscNW staff, 3) the YCC General Manager, and 4) youth community stakeholders selected by members from 1-3 above.  Decisions will be made by Saturday, March 24.

To apply

Download the application here.  Please contact the DiscNW YCC committee at if you have any questions. The application must be received by email at . Applications are due by Sunday, March 11, 2012.