Youth Club Championship Scholarship Fund

The Youth Club Championship Scholarship Fund (YCCSF) is a restricted fund used only to offset costs to Youth Club Championship (YCC) players. No other expenses for this fund will be allowed.

The fund will be administered by the Executive Director (ED), the Treasurer, and the Director of Youth Operations (DoYO), under the direction of the Youth Strategic Committee (YSC). In administering the YCCSF, the ED, Treasurer and DoYO have the following responsibilities:

  • Preparing an annual budget for the YCCSF
  • Advertising the availability of YCCSF funds to YCC players
  • Organizing the YCC Scholarship Committee and overseeing the distribution of awards
  • Providing fund balance, as well as any information on funds allocated or received in the prior quarter, at the quarterly Youth Strategic Committee meetings
  • Providing fund information to the Board of Directors at least once per year or more frequently upon request

The YSC has the following responsibilities:

  • Providing YCCSF budget guidance to the DoYO, ED, and Treasurer
  • Making decisions on requests for YCCSF funds from the Youth Development Fund (YDF)

The main source of money for the YCCSF will be donations solicited through the ultimate community. Additionally, the YSC may allocate additional money to the YCCSF from the YDF as needed.

All fundraising activities undertaken by DiscNW for the benefit of youth ultimate will directly benefit the YDF, not the YCCSF. Exceptions may be made only with the consent of the ED and the DoYO. For example, if YCC players and parents organize a carwash fundraiser, the ED and DoYO may allow proceeds from that event to be allocated to the YCCSF.

The Board of Directors will review fund allocations at least once annually. If the Board believes that funds are being misappropriated, it may direct the ED, the DoYO, and the Treasurer to freeze appropriations of funds from the YCCSF until any issues regarding potential misappropriation are resolved.

Only the Board of Directors shall have the authority to amend this policy. DiscNW staff and the YSC may make revision recommendations only.