Youth Development FunDinner Auction Committee Description


The DiscNW auction committee plans and implements the annual fall dinner auction, which raises money for the DiscNW Youth Development Fund (YDF). The YDF finances activities and initiatives for youth with barriers to accessing the sport, such as financial need, gender inequity, and limited knowledge of the sport.

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Auction committee membership is a three-year term. This allows committee members to "see one, do one, and teach one:"

  • In the first year, the member is expected to attend meetings, observe planning, and monitor committee emails. The member may perform some small tasks, but the primary goal is to learn.
  • In the second year, the member is expected to take a leadership role and to perform most of the tasks related to planning and implementing the auction.
  • In the third year, the member is expected to guide and teach the first and second year committee members. The member may attend fewer meetings and be available solely on an advisory basis. The member may perform some small tasks, but the primary goal is to mentor.

Volunteers who cannot make a three-year commitment will be considered for committee membership, but three-year members are preferred. There are many benefits to three-year committee membership:

  • Promotes continuity and consistency, eliminating the need to start over every year. As such, the workload for the committee is minimized, and the quality of the event is maximized.
  • Allows development of a rapport with donors, vendors, attendees, and volunteers.
  • Limits burnout for individuals via forced turnover and shared responsibility.

The committee is active year-round, beginning the next year's auction planning shortly after the current year's auction wraps up. However, the bulk of the work occurs between June 1 and November 30.


In general, auction committee responsibilities include the following:

  • Setting a financial goal (based on organizational need for that year)
  • Preparing and following a budget
  • Picking a date and location
  • Creating a timeline
  • Agreeing on a theme
  • Executing a plan
  • Documenting procedures

In practice, the committee tasks can be split into several discrete parts. The exact separation of duties may vary depending on member skills, number of members, etc. However, the table below is a guideline for assigning individual roles.

Committee Chairs
  • Ideally 2 chairs: 1 new and 1 from the previous year.
  • Research dates and present proposal to committee.
  • Schedule and lead meetings.
  • Oversee process to ensure that all tasks are completed on time.
DiscNW Director of Youth Operations
  • Operate as co-chair of the committee.
  • Prepare and oversee auction budget.
  • Create, monitor, and update event webpage and registration.
  • Support promotion of the event.
  • Manage communications with guests.
  • Administer check-in and check-out processes, including technology and volunteers.
  • Store supplies and donations and make them available on the day of the event.
Decorations, Theme, and Venue
  • Compile theme ideas and present them to committee for consideration.
      Secure a venue that is within the budget and that, ideally, matches theme agreed upon by committee.
    • Acquire decorations that fit the theme.
    • Oversee decoration of the venue on the day of the auction.
Caterer, Tables, Chairs, Dishware, and Linens
  • Secure a caterer whose fee is within the budget and who will work with volunteer servers.
  • Communicate with caterer.
  • Manage table and chair rental for silent and live auction.
  • Acquire appropriate dishware for dinner and drinks.
  • Ensure that there are adequate linens for silent and live auction.
Music, Audiovisual, and Lighting
  • Coordinate live and recorded music.
  • Secure appropriate audiovisual equipment, based on music, auctioneer, and video needs.
  • Test lighting and audiovisual equipment, ensuring it meets both silent and live auction needs.
  • Seek sponsorship for beer and wine.
  • Apply for appropriate license for alcohol service and/or sales.
  • Hire a bartender, if indicated.
  • Purchase and prepare non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Manage beverage tickets, if indicated.
Games and Revenue Enhancers
  • Research silent and live auction games and revenue enhancers and present to committee.
  • Work with committee to select games and revenue enhancers that are appropriate to the audience.
  • Work with “Silent Auction Operations” committee member to determine which procured items can be used for games and revenue enhancers.
  • Design displays and forms required for games and revenue enhancers.
  • Purchase required supplies, staying within budget.
  • Oversee games and revenue enhancers at event.
Silent Auction Operations
  • Work with “Games and Revenue Enhancers” and “Live Auction Operations” committee members to determine which items will be in the silent auction.
  • Create and print bid sheets for silent auction.
  • Display silent auction items at the event.
  • Coordinate the closing and check-out processes.
Live Auction Operations
  • Hire and communicate with auctioneer, staying within budget.
  • Hire and communicate with MC.
  • Collaborate with auctioneer and with “Silent Auction Operations” committee member to determine which items will be in the live auction, and in which order.
  • Decide on schedule of events within the live auction.
  • Work with “Music, Audiovisual, and Lighting” committee member to implement music “bumps” and to ensure that AV equipment meets auctioneer’s needs.
  • Coordinate the creation of video and/or slideshow presentations.
  • Acquire bid cards.
Procurement Management
  • Prepare procurement form and letter and distribute to key volunteers in organization (e.g., Board of Directors and Youth Strategic Committee).
  • Work with committee members to set procurement goals and timeline.
  • Track donations and update event website to reflect donations and donors.
  • Identify “holes” in procurement and provide ideas to volunteers and/or ask directly for items to fill those holes.
  • Provide reminders to key volunteers regarding procurement goals and timeline.
  • Collect and organize procurement forms, making them available to committee members who need them.
  • Coordinate the development of the event catalog, with item descriptions.
  • Write thank-you notes to auction item donors after the event.
Volunteer Management
  • Recruit volunteers to serve on auction committee.
  • Work with committee members to determine number and types of volunteers needed for event.
  • Recruit volunteers to work at the event. Assign volunteers to appropriate positions.
  • Manage all communications with volunteers.
  • Research volunteer gifts that fit within budget.
  • Send thank-you letter to volunteers after the event.
Audience Development and Promotion
  • Identify and implement ideas for promoting the event.


If you are interested in joining the DiscNW Youth Development FunDinner Auction committee, please contact the DiscNW Director of Youth Operations at . New members are accepted on a rolling basis, as space permits. Ideally, new members will be on board no later than the May prior to the auction.