Youth Development Fund Budget Summary

The table below outlines 2016 spending from the Youth Development Fund and the 2016 budget. If you would like to view an itemized budget, contact DiscNW Youth Director, Jude LaRene, at .


Item  2016 Spending   2016 Budget 
 Event Scholarships (Teams) $16,778.35 $16,175
 Event Scholarships (Individuals) $23,970.25 $32,986.25
 Non-Revenue Generating Events for Underserved Groups $16,265 $12,250
 High School SPS Coaching Stipends $24,000 $24,000
TOTAL SPONSORSHIP  $81,013.60 $85,411.24


Here are some examples of specific items that the Youth Development Fund supported in 2016:

  • Discs for each team in the Seattle Public Schools' middle school Ultimate league, and prizes and snacks for the playoffs.
  • Three free Mini MoHo clinics to teach middle schoolers how to play Ultimate.
  • Gave away 265 free J*Star discs to elementary school teams.
  • Free camps for underserved groups.
  • 20,000 in scholarships for young players with financial need to represent Seattle at the USA Ultimate Youth Club Championships.
  • Over $21,000 in scholarships for young players with financial need to learn about Ultimate at the Seattle Youth Ultimate Camps.
  • Over $3,500 in stipends to our youth club league coaches.
  • Team and individual scholarships for all of DiscNW's youth events.