Chelsea Go

Basic Information

Teams Coached
Teams Captained

Player Schedule

Current and Recent Teams

Team League/Event
Sunbreak SmackDown Sunbreak (2018)
Disc Maniac Delegates Sunbreak (2018)
Bonsai Kittens Spring Team League (2018) , Winter Team League (2018)
Chelsea & Rebecca Coach Winter Women's League (2018)
SmokeStack Summer Team League (2017) , Sea Plastic (2017)
Noraebang Party Potlatch (2017)
Seahucks Spring Team League (2017)

Player Bids

Event Bid Date Status
Summer Women's Hat League (2018) Created
Summer Mixed Hat League (2018) Created

Player History

Season Team
Summer Mixed Hat League (2018)
Summer Women's Hat League (2018)
Sunbreak (2018) Disc Maniac Delegates
Sunbreak (2018) Sunbreak SmackDown
Spring Team League (2018) Bonsai Kittens
Seattle Women ID and GNC Mixer (2018)
Winter Women's League (2018) Chelsea & Rebecca
Winter Team League (2018) Bonsai Kittens
Summer Team League (2017) SmokeStack
Sea Plastic (2017) SmokeStack
Potlatch (2017) Noraebang Party
Spring Team League (2017) Seahucks
Winter Women's League (2017) 10. Dimepiece
Winter Coed Pickup (2017)
Winter Team League (2017) Seahucks
Fall Team League (2016) Seahucks
Summer Team League (2016) Space Invaders
Sea Plastic (2016) SmokeStack
Potlatch (2016) There is no Potlatch, Only ZUUL!
Spring Team League (2016) Guard, Seize Them!
Verns Hat League (2016) Osprey
Spring Reign Volunteering 2016
Winter Women's League (2016) Pants Pants Revolution (AnnaMaria Pape)
Tacoma Winter Indoor Hat League (2016) Money in the BANK! (white)
Tacoma Fall Hat League (2015) Red Winnie the Pooh
Summer Team League (2015) Dry Spell
Sea Plastic (2015) Wet Spot
Potlatch (2015) Rodents of Unusual Size (R.O.U.S)
Riot Women's Clinic (2015)
Verns Hat League (2015) Foozle
Spring Adult Team League (2015) Safety Committee
Winter Team League (2015) Safety Committee