Field Information
Woodland Park 7b

Woodland Park

5501 W Green Lake Way N
Seattle, WA 98103

These Woodland Park fields are listed in order, south to north.

Field Details

  • Lower Woodland 2 - Field 1 Northern half of Soccer field 2
    Lower Woodland 2 - Field 2 Southern half of Soccer field 2
    Lower Woodland 2-C (5v5) Center-east 5-on-5 field
    Lower Woodland 2-D (5v5) Eastmost 5-on-5 field

    Field Turf, 120x80, lighted

    For 5-on-5 games, align four fields running north-south

  • Woodland Park 1

    Grass, 120x40, lighted, irrigated

    Large bb field with room for 1 field in outfield

  • Woodland Park 2a
    Woodland Park 2b

    Astroturf, 120x80, lighted

    Soccer field #2. This field was recently converted to a synthetic infill surface with blue markings for two ultimate fields. It is adjacent to the skate park.

  • Woodland Park 3
    Woodland Park 6

    Grass, 120x40, lighted, irrigated

    4 cloverleaf style bb fields with room for 2 fields in larger outfields (#3 & #6 as Seattle Parks calls them)

  • Woodland Park 7a
    Woodland Park 7b

    Field Turf, 120x70, lighted

    Soccer field #7. Recently converted to a synthetic infill surface. This is the field surrounded by a cinder track.