Field Information
Hamlin Park

NE 160th St and 15th Ave NE
Shoreline, WA

For Hamlin Football, enter the park at 160th and 15th Ave NE. Keep going, winding through the park. You'll eventually see the parking lot and fields on your left.

For Fields 5 & 6, park your car in the parking lot at 160th and 25th Ave NE. On foot, enter the park from the north end of the parking lot, go through the turnstile and head up the hill to the west. The fields are in the outfields of the two baseball fields at the top of the hill and are not visible from the parking lot. The field numbers are on the fence.

There is a path that connects the two halves of the park, so if you do park in the wrong lot you can still walk to the other playfields.

Field Details

  • Hamlin 5

    Grass, 110x40, lighted, irrigated

    smaller of 2 baseball outfields

  • Hamlin 6 Plushest field at Hamlin Park

    Grass, 120x40, lighted, irrigated

    larger of 2 baseball outfields

  • Hamlin Football 1 Can fit two nearly all-grass fields, going partly onto sand infields
    Hamlin Football 2

    Grass, 120x100, lighted, irrigated

    Field is also known as Hamlin 1-4, or Lower Hamlin, or Bill DeBolt Field