Field Information
Shoreline Center

1st Ave NE and NE 185th St
Shoreline, WA

Shoreline A & B are the turf fields at the north end of the park near the tennis courts and the indoor pool. Look for field labels on the fence. Enter the parking lot from 1st Ave NE.

Shoreline Utility field is in the far NE corner of the Shoreline Center site. It is a grass football field, with football goalposts at each end. It is NOT the stadium, nor the turf fields, nor the small extra field between the gym and the stadium.

There are several parking areas for these fields. The main parking area is just south of the tennis courts and the synthetic fields. Additional parking is available west and north of the tennis courts. Even more parking can be found on the south end of the Center.

For a notated map of the Shoreline Center click here.

Field Details

  • Shoreline Center A.1
    Shoreline Center A.2

    Field Turf, 120x80, lighted

    Shoreline A

  • Shoreline Center B.1
    Shoreline Center B.2

    Field Turf, 120x80, lighted

    Shoreline B

  • Shoreline Center Extra

    Grass, 110x40

    Extra field--operated by Shoreline SD

  • Shoreline Stadium 1
    Shoreline Stadium 2

    Field Turf, 120x70, lighted

    Shoreline Stadium; has track around it. New turf!

  • Shoreline Utility

    Grass, 120x60, irrigated

    Utility field--operated by Shoreline Parks