Winter Women's League (2013)

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2013 will be the second year of Winter Women's League.  This is a six-week draft league for women 18 and older of all skill levels to play single-gender ultimate in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

Join us on Fridays to play under the lights and then head out to a featured bar after the games each week.  This league is perfect for new players who want to learn the game in a supportive environment, college players looking to get more reps, league players interested in getting single-gender experience, club players practicing new skills in the off-season, and anyone who wants to hang out and meet other awesome women in the Seattle area.  Basically this league is for EVERYONE!

All games will be on Friday nights with start times of eith

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er 7:30 or 8pm (depending on your game's field assignment).  Most of the league's games will be at Magnuson Park; one week will have a game played at Lower Woodland park.

Just $45 for the season!  Any profits made from running this league will be donated to the DiscNW Youth Development Fund.


Feedback survey. Please fill out this online survey to help evaluate the league and improve it for next year. [posted 02/28/13]

Sub list.  If you are interested in subbing for the league, please enter your details in this google doc spreadsheet.  If captains are short during a week, they will poll the people available that day and subs will be picked on a first-to-respond basis. [posted 01/29/13]

Registration now closed.  Registration closed today to allow the captains to draft teams for the league.  If you would still like to participate, please email the league organizers as there may be substitute positions available. [posted 01/10/13]

Expanded League!  Due to the overwhelming interest in the league, we have been able to expand it from 4 teams to 6 teams.  Registration is now open again with no waitlist.  Spread the word for the new spots! The teams will be picked by captains in a draft night on 01/10/13.  Please register before then to help make sure the teams will be balanced.  Thanks. [posted 01/03/13]

Registration to open on Friday, December 7th.  Last year we filled all the slots for the league in just over a week, so don't miss out this time around!!! [posted 12/4/12]


*Final WWL Standings*
1. Satsuma
2. Call Me Spectacular
3. Rebel Alliance
4. Safety First
5. Ka-ching$icles
6. #Hashtag

*Spirit of the Game Team Awards*
Both Ka-ching$icles and #Hashtag earned perfect 5.0 spirit scores after every game!   

*Spirit of the Game Individual Awards*
Adrienne Lemberger (Ka-ching$icles)
Sarah Titcomb (#Hashtag)
Eden Marsicek (Rebel Alliance)
Clarissa Allen (Safety First)
Hsing-Hui Hsu (Satsuma)
Lindsey Simon (Call Me Spectacular)

*Most Improved Player Awards*
Emily Gussin (Safety First)
Becca Hoberg (Ka-ching$icles)
Catie McCaffrey (#Hashtag)
Holly Walker (Call Me Spectacular)
Perry Acworth (Satsuma)
Scout MacKay (Rebel Alliance)


Format.  The first 5 weeks of play will be a round robin format between all 6 teams.  All the teams will be reseeded according to their results and the last week will feature the finals (1 v 2), 3rd place game (3 v 4), and 5th place game (5 v 6).

2013 Team Captains. We are excited to announce the team captains for this season:

  • Calise Cardenas
  • Alyssa Kelly
  • Kathryn "Smalls" Lawson
  • Libby Whiting
  • Johanna Leader
  • Autumn Tocchi

Each of these women are experienced players who will be great resources for players looking to improve elements of their game during the Winter Women's League season, so don't hesitate to ask them questions!


All games will be played on synthetic turf field in Seattle on Friday evenings.


Games will be played according to the USA Ultimate 11th Edition Rules with the following changes and/or clarifications:

  • All games are played to 15, with a score-cap of 17. 
  • Each team has two time-outs per half.  Overtime (14-14) and time-caps will not affect the number of time-outs a team has remaining.
  • Half-time is 5 minutes unless both team captains want to shorten the break.
  • A hard time-cap will go into effect after 90 minutes of scheduled play.  When the hard-cap goes on, the game ends after the current point, unless the game is tied and then one more point is played.  Note that a point is considered to have started as soon as the prior point was scored.