Winter Women's League (2012)

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Hat League
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2012 is the inaugural year of Winter Women's League, with four teams.  This is a six-week draft league for women 18 and older of all skill levels to play single-gender ultimate in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

Any profits made from running this league will be donated to the DiscNW Youth Development Fund.


Season wrap-up

Thanks to everyone for participating in Seattle's inaugural Winter Women's League! By all accounts, it was a huge success.  Congrats to Erin Crider's team, Ninja Magic, for winning the title by taking down SHRED in the final week.

Special shout outs to the award winners from each team, each of whom was presented with a $25 gift certificate to Five Bamboo.

  • Spirit of the Game
    • Val Dion (Ninja Magic)
    • Tasha Parman (SHRED)
    • Julie Marl (Blue Bum Wombats)
    • Wynne Scherf (Jalapeño Geli)
  • Most Improved Player
    • Betsy Paulson (Ninja Magic)
    • Dorris Hwang (SHRED)
    • Tanya Dodgen (Blue Bum Wombats)
    • Meredith Barnard (Jalapeño Geli)

Already looking forward to next year's incarnation of WWL!

"Half-time" update

After the first three weeks of the season, we're halfway through the league.  All four teams have played each other and the standings from the first round robin are:

  1. SHRED (captain: Loriana Berman)
  2. Ninjas (captain: Erin Crider)
  3. Blue Bum Wombats (captain: Kate Bayliss)
  4. Jalapeño Geli (captain: Angelica Boyden)

The schedule for the remaining three weeks has now been updated online and the last week of the league (March 2) will feature the 1v2 and 3v4 match-ups.

Snow cancellation update

The first games of the league on Friday, Jan 20 had to be cancelled due to snow and Seattle Parks and Rec closure.  We'll start up with our first game on Jan 27 instead and the six-week league has been extended to run through Friday, Mar 2.  Same time, same place.

Teams have been announced!

The four team captains have drafted their teams and the initial seeding is as follows:

  1. Kate Bayliss - BLUE
  2. Loriana Berman - RED
  3. Erin Crider - BLACK
  4. Angelica "Geli" Boyden - GREEN

The first three weeks of games are already posted in the online schedule.  After the 02/03/12 games, the teams will be reseeded to determine the order and match-ups for the following three weeks.



The fields are reserved on Fridays from 7:15-9:15pm at Magnuson 7 (turf) starting on 01/20/12 and running through 02/24/12.  All players should plan on being at the fields at 7:15 and the games will begin at 7:30 sharp on most weeks (the 1/13/12 and 2/3/12 games will start at 7:45).  Every team will have one game scheduled each week.


The six-week season will involve two sets of round-robins.  The first three-week round-robin schedule is based on the teams' initial seeding.  After the 2/3/12 games, all four teams will be re-seeded to determine the game order for the second round robin.  The last week of the season will feature the 1 v 2 and 3 v 4 games.  The team with the overall best record at the end of the season will be declared the league winner.

Standard USA Ultimate tie-breaker rules apply.


Games will be played according to the USA Ultimate 11th Edition Rules with the following changes and/or clarifications:

  • All games are played to 15, with a score-cap of 17. 
  • Each team has two time-outs per half.  Overtime (14-14) and time-caps will not affect the number of time-outs a team has remaining.
  • Half-time is 5 minutes unless both team captains want to shorten the break.
  • A hard time-cap will go into effect after 90 minutes of scheduled play.  When the hard-cap goes on, the game ends after the current point, unless the game is tied and then one more point is played.  Note that a point is considered to have started as soon as the prior point was scored.


Registration is currently closed.  The limited space in the league filled up on 12/09/11, and registration for the waitlist that will be called up on if subs are needed was closed on 1/06/12.