Spring Jam Elementary Tournament (2016)

Event Type
Team Tournament
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Spring Jam is a coed, 5-on-5, elementary school team tournament taking place on Saturday, May 21st.

Competition Details

Like last year, all divisions will be 5v5

  • Fields will be abbreviated
    • 70 yards long
    • 25 yards wide
    • 15-yard end zones
  • Teams will play a round-robin format.
  • Games will be hard capped at 60 minutes (no soft cap).
  • Games are to 11 points or until the hard cap, whichever comes first.
  • Teams each have one 90-second timeout per half, regardless of overtime (different from USA Ultimate rules).
  • The gender ratio is 3:2.  THERE MUST BE AT LEAST TWO girls on the field.  A team that cannot field enough of either gender must "play down" (i.e., compete with fewer players) so that it has no more boys or girls on the field than its opponent.

Registration and Important Dates:

The registration fee is $65 per team.

  • May 9, noon: Registrations and paperwork due. Bids will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • May 16, noon: Final schedule announced.  Games will be at Magnuson from 10-6.  I will schedule games as early as possible, but depending on tourney demand, there might be some evening games.
  • May 21: Tournament day

Please review the paperwork requirements in the Rules section below.


Here is the schedule. Please ask your coach for roster clarifications.


Here is the field map.  We have 10 fields total.  They will be numbered in in each end zone.