Spring Jam Elementary Tourney (2014)

Event Type
Team Tournament
Event Start
Event End
Seattle, WA

Spring Jam is a coed, 5-on-5, elementary school team tournament taking place on Saturday, May 31.

Competition Details

  • We are piloting a new, 5-on-5 format, to determine its feasibility for the 2015 spring season.
  • Fields will be abbreviated
    • 70 yards long
    • 25 yards wide
    • 15-yard end zones
  • Teams will play a round-robin format.
  • Games will be hard capped at 60 minutes (no soft cap).
  • Games are to 11 points or until the hard cap, whichever comes first.
  • Teams each have one 90-second timeout per half, regardless of overtime (different from USA Ultimate rules).

Registration and Important Dates:

The registration fee is $65 per team.

  • May 29, noon: Registrations and paperwork due. Bids will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • May 30, noon: Final schedule announced.  Games will be at Lower Woodland 02, 10am-9pm.  I will schedule games as early as possible, but depending on tourney demand, there might be some evening games.
  • May 31: Tournament day, Lower Woodland 02.

Please review the paperwork requirements in the Rules section below.


  1. Games will be played by the Official Rules of Ultimate, 11th Edition (mobile version), with a few minor exceptions outlined in the "Competition Details" section above.
  2. The Captains' Clause (I.C) is in effect, meaning that any game rule (except maximum time limit) may be changed if both coaches agree prior to the game.
  3. This is a school-based tournament, meaning that all players on a team should attend the same school.  However, because it is a late season tournament, this rule is flexible.  For Spring Jam, teams made up of players from more than one school are not required to apply for an exception to the Eligibility Rules.  They need only notify the Tournament Director (TD) of their situation at the time of registration, or by email before the tournament.  To maintain the integrity of competition, please limit the number of schools represented on one team (no all-star teams, please).  Consortium teams will be accepted at the discretion of the Tournament Director. 
  4. All teams must have an adult coach or active adult supervision!  The coach must be at least 19 years of age.
  5. Games shall be played 5-on-5. 
  6. The gender ratio is 3:2.  Before each pull, the offense decides if that 3:2 ratio is boys:girls or girls:boys, and the defense must match.  A team that cannot field enough of either gender must "play down" (i.e., compete with fewer players) so that it has no more boys or girls on the field than its opponent.
  7. Please follow all park rules. This includes no dogs on any athletic fields (grass or synthetic), and no food on synthetic fields. Please follow these and all other park rules, or we could lose our field privileges.

Required Paperwork (Due May 29 at noon)

All of the following paperwork can be completed online.  If you need detailed instructions for online paperwork completion, please email spring.jam@discnw.org

  1. Team Roster
    1. This should be completed electronically from the "Roster" tab on your team webpage for the Spring Jam event.
  2. DiscNW Participation Agreements and Concussion Information Sheets for all players
    1. Needed only from players who have not completed it already this academic year.
    2. Electronic submissions are encouraged.  Once your roster is complete, revisit your team registration and select the waiver tab to send waiver reminders to your players.
    3. Click here if you must submit paper waivers.
  3. Coaching Code of Conduct and Participation Agreement
    1. To access these electronic forms, make sure your coach is listed in the "Coach" field on your team webpage for the Spring Jam event.
    2. Needed only from coaches who have not completed the forms already this academic year