Spring Jamboree (2011)

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Team Tournament
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Spring Jamboree (Jam) is a single-gender high school tournament targeted at novice and intermediate single gender teams, or coed teams that want to try single gender for a day.  The 2011 Spring Jam tournament will take place at Heritage Recreation Center in Puyallup on May 22, 2011. 

Cost is $175/team




The Spring Jamboree is back! Registration is now closed.


The Spring Jamboree is gearing up for it's second year and we are hoping it's bigger than last year. This year we will have the following for teams to look forward to:

1) A boys and a girls division

2) Guaranteed 4 games for the day

3) Possible tournament merchandise (more info later)

4) Sweet fields at Heritage Park in Puyallup, WA.


Tournament rules are as follows:

1) Teams should be composed from a single school. Consortium teams are allowed at the discretion of the TD. To apply for a consortium team please email .

2) All games will be played by 11th Edition Rules