Spring Jam (2010)

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Team Tournament
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Spring Jam is a brand new tournament targeting novice and intermediate high school boys' and girls' school-based teams.  If you're new to the single-gender scene, this is the tournament for you.  Spring Jam will take place on the weekend of May 15-16 at the Skagit River Park in Burlington, WA.  Please note that this tournament does not conflict with high school coed league but does conflict with UPA Washington State Championships. This tournament will not make a team eligible for Westerns in 2011.

Rusty Brown is your Tournament Director.

Important Dates:

  • March 29: Registration Opens
  • April 30: Registration Closes.   Registration deadline extended to May 5.
  • May 15/16: Spring Jam!!!

Registration is now open!  The tournament fee is $250.


Registration is now open for our inagural year of Spring Jam. Games will be played in Burlington, WA at Skagit River Park. Teams can expect between 5 and 6 games on the weekend with pool play on Saturday and full brackets on Sunday as needed. Registration closes April 30th so get your spot quick. Please check this website at least once a week as it will be used to update on logistics as the tournament draws closer.


Eligibilty Rules:

1) All teams should consist of players from a single school, unless cleared directly with Rusty.

2) This event is open to all high school single gender teams regardless of UPA standing or program standing at said school (i.e., a high school with only a coed program can register 1 or more single gender teams for this tournament).

3) For eligibility questions please email Rusty at


Tournament Rules:

1) All games will be to 13.

2) Two timeouts per half with no timeouts in Hard Cap.

3) The tournament will use 11th Edition Rules for all other points of order.