Gnarly Gnines (2013)

Event Type
Team Tournament
Event Start
Event End
Burlington, WA

Welcome to Gnarly Gnines 2013!


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About Gnines

As with past years, the Gnines format allows only gnine players per roster, 5/4 men/women. On field ratio is 4:3; any team may opt for 3:4, but the opponent doesn’t need to match.

Teams will play 9 games to 9 points in about 9.5 hours.  Teams will play a round robin of games for the first 7 rounds.  Teams will be re-seeded for the final 2 rounds of play.

Tournament Basics

Gnarly Gnines 2013 will take place on Saturday, May 11 at Skagit River Park in Burlington, WA.

Online registration is now open.  The team fee is $135.25 (includes sales tax).  Payment may be made online or via check made payable to DiscNW, Attn: Gnarly Gnines, PO Box 85112, Seattle, WA 98145.

Some refreshments will be provided to participants.  We will provide some fruit, snacks, and goodies, but participants should plan to bring their own lunch/meals.  Running water is available on site, but participants should bring their own bottles.



The 11th Edition of the Rules of Ultimate will be used for this tournament.


Tournament Specific Rules

  • All games are played to 9, win by 1.  Point cap at 9.  Hard time cap is 50 minutes after the start of the round - the game is over after the current point is finished (unless tied, then play one more).
  • Gender ratio is 4:3 men:women.
  • Foot-blocks: yes
  • 1 timeout per half; mirror half. Timeouts are allowed during a game cap.
  • This is an adult league in accordance with the DiscNW Team League Participation Policy