High School Boys' Spring Pod/Hat League (2012)

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Hat League
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  • League Champion: Central District Dogs
  • Spirit Awards:
    • Alex Olson, Sonics
    • Joseph Min, Simba's Revenge
    • Kevin Burns, Sonics
    • Khoi Nguyen, Central District Dogs
    • Kyle Seymour, Mount Si/Pumas
    • Noah Lauter, Ballard/Overlake
    • Simon Krauter, Central District Dogs
    • Vikram Dhawan, Simba's Revenge


This league welcomes all boys in grades 9-12. 


Games will take place on Fridays from March 23 through May 18, from 5:00 to 8:30pm on the Magnuson Park 07 synthetic field.

There will be no game on the day before Spring Reign - Friday, April 27.


Players may register in one of three ways:

  • As an individual. Individuals are assigned to a team and coach.
  • As a pod (2-8 players). A pod is assigned to a team and a coach. All individuals in the pod must register. You will need a pod name when you register.
  • As a full team (9 or more players). Full teams are required to provide their own adult coach, who will be asked to meet certain league requirements.* In some cases, the League Coordinator may add a pod or individual players to a full team, but this will be avoided whenever possible. All individuals on the team must register. You will need a team name when you register.

*Coaches must be at least 21 years of age.  Coaches must sign the DiscNW Coaching Code of Conduct, will be subject to a DiscNW background check, and must be present at all games (or provide a substitute who also meets DiscNW standards).

"Ringer Rules"

For the enjoyment of all teams, we want to make sure teams are relatively equal in skill. Thus, the following "ringer rules" are in effect:

  • Teams or pods of 5 or more boys registering together must contain 4 or fewer ringers.
  • A ringer is a player who meets any of the following characteristics:
    • Has played in the USA Ultimate Youth Club Championships in a U19 division.
    • Has played 2 or more seasons as a starter on a varsity high school Ultimate team.


When registration is open, a "Register Now" link will appear at the bottom of this section.  The registration deadline is Friday, March 16.  The payment deadline has been extended to Sunday, March 18.

  • The league fee for individuals and pods is $34 per player.
  • The league fee for teams is $22 per player.  Teams must pay by check since the website is set to collect the higher individual/pod fee.  Please make your check payable to DiscNW at PO Box 85112, Seattle, WA 98145.
  • Financial aid is available.

All players must submit a DiscNW Participation Agreement and Release

Payment and paperwork must be submitted before a participant will be permitted to play.   The payment deadline is Sunday, March 18.

If you are signing up as a part of a pod or team, remember to have your pod/team name ready when you click on "Register Now."


Click here for the Seattle field permit, which you can show as proof of our reservation in case of a conflict with another field user.

Will Weatherford is your League Coordinator.


This league will play by the 11th Edition Rules of Ultimate.

Games are to 15 points.

Soft cap is at 85 minutes after the round time starts.  Hard cap is at 95 minutes.

Please follow all Seattle Parks rules.  This includes no dogs or food on the playfields.