Winter 2006 Team

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Team League
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Winter league offers a chance for established teams to get together and scrimmage for 8 weeks. The league provides an opportunity for teams to keep exercising in winter and to tune-up their games for spring.


Winter League registration is closed.


Starting to feel that ultimate itch? Belly already expanded past your Fall league prime? Well, you'd better push away from the holiday table and sign up for Winter Team League while you still can!


We're aiming for 24 teams this winter, probably divided into two pools. Please follow the steps below to sign up.

  • 1. A check for $330 per team received quickly at:
    • DiscNW
    • ATTN: Winter Team League
    • P.O. Box 85112
    • Seattle WA, 98145
  • 2. An email with the captain and co-captain's names, phone numbers, email addresses, and where you think you would have placed in Fall League if you didn't play, sent to
  • 3. If it comes down this far, the teams with the highest spirit ratings for Spring League, Summer League, and Fall League this past year will have first preference.
  • 4. Registrations must be received by the end of the day on Friday, January 6th!


  • For everyone's enjoyment we'll be using the UPA 10th Edition Rules.
  • Fingers can get hurt easily in the cold, so captains can decide whether footblocks are okay.
  • Games to 15, win by 2. Captains can also decide if they want to drill and play shorter games.
  • 4/3 gender ratio.