SUBWAY® Washington Games - Middle & High School (2012)

Event Type
Hat Tournament
Event Start
Event End
Seattle, WA

A festive weekend of ultimate frisbee ("Ultimate") and individual disc throwing competitions.

This is the youth registration.  For information on the adult portion of the event, click here.

Update: Due to insufficient registrations, we canceled the high school event on Sunday, July 29.  However, grade 9 players may now participate in the full tournament on Saturday.  Grade 10-12 players may participate in the disc throwing portion of the event on Saturday at 1:45pm for a $10 fee. 


Two youth divisions, both at Magnuson Park Sports Meadow:

  • Saturday, July 28 - Full tournament for 5-9 graders (2011-12 school year) and throwing competitions for 10-12 graders (2011-12 school year)
  • Sunday, July 29 - 9-12 graders (2011-12 school year)  Sunday division canceled due to insufficient registrations.  Grade 9 students may play in the full tournament on Saturday.  Grade 10-12 students may participate in the disc throwing competitions on Saturday at 1:45pm for a $10 fee.


A coed youth Ultimate tournament, with some unique features:

  • Throwing competitions - both distance and accuracy.
  • "Grand championships" of the group's favorite spirit game (e.g., Streetfighter, Disc Jousting, Ninja, and Biggest Fan).  Don't know these games?  Don't worry!  They're easy to learn and tons of fun!
  • A simultaneous adult tournament (men on Saturday, women on Sunday), for a complete Ultimate community weekend festival!
  • Medals for the winners and finalists in the throwing and team Ultimate competitions!
  • T-shirts and snacks for every participant.


Players may sign up in one of two ways:

  • As an individual.  Individuals are assigned to a team.
  • As a pod/team.*  Pods/teams may be 2-20 players in size.  Every individual will need to register.  You will need a pod/team name when you register.  The Tournament Director will combine pods or add individual players to pods/teams as needed.  

Teams and schedule will be announced on this website and by email by July 26.

*The Tournament Director reserves the right to split up groups that appear to differ greatly in age/skill/experience from other registered groups.  For the enjoyment of all players in the tournament, please strive for a variety of ages and skill/experience levels within a pod/team.  If your pod/team has several "ringers" or several brand new players, consider splitting into multiple pairs of players rather than registering as a pod/team.


When registration is open, a "Register Now" link will appear at the bottom of this section.  The registration deadline is 5pm on Friday, July 27. 

  • The full tourney fee for Saturday's grade 5-9 tourney is $26. 
  • The fee for grade 10-12 players wishing to participate in Saturday's throwing competitions is $10.  Note that the event website is set to handle only payments of $26.  Payments of $10 must be brought to the event (please make checks payable to DiscNW). 

A limited amount of need-based financial aid is available. 

If you are signing up as a part of a pod or team, remember to have your pod/team name ready when you click on "Register Now."