Verns Hat League (2013)

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Verns League is a TEACHING LEAGUE for beginners and intermediate-level players. NO EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED; just bring your enthusiasm, humor, wit, and interest in chasing plastic. It's a great way to learn ultimate, improve your skills, and meet new people.

Experienced players captain teams and pass on their knowledge and love of the game. Never captained before? No problem. Let us know you're interested and we'll pair you with a "veteran captain" to mentor you.

The season begins after we spring ahead to daylight savings time (Vernal Equinox) and runs for 10 weeks.


For 2013, Verns league will be on Friday nights.  Block out the 6:30 to 10:30 time slot on Friday evenings from early April to early June.  Plan on playing games on turf fields in South Seattle.


  • 3-11-13 - The Lottery for Men has been run. Expect an email early this week (an email went out evening of 3-12-13) with info about being in or out of the league. 
  • 3-12-13 - Men and Women that register from this point forward will be placed on a wait list and moved into the league on a case by case basis.  Men registering now will only get into the league with a Woman buddy.  We have room on teams for about another 5 Women.
  • 3-15-13 - If you haven't gotten an email from with updates to your bid status please check your spam folder and your player profile for what email you gave DiscNW.  Please also email verns and let us know.
  • 3-17-13 - We now have enough people for 12 teams, Registration has also been extended until the 21st for those last Women who want to play!
  • 3-20-13 - Verns League is completely full with a remaining waitlist of players.  We're looking forward to the first practice night on the 29th.


The player fee is $62.00 plus tax ($67.98 total) for 2013 and can be paid online. To pay by check fill one out to "DiscNW" and mail it to DiscNW, Attn: Verns League, PO Box 85112, Seattle, WA 98145.

Your registration fee will get you 10 weeks of ultimate frisbee playing, a custom printed team jersey, and an opportunity to meet other ultimate frisbee players in a fun learning environment.

There will be a lottery for men. So, if you are a man you will initially be placed on the waitlist. Make sure to register before the deadline (March 11) to be eligible for the lottery. If you are not selected in the lottery you will remain on the waitlist. You might still get a spot in the league if players selected in the lottery drop out or do not pay on time. Players taken from the waitlist will be selected according to the order assigned in the lottery.  However, in order to ensure that some new players get a chance to participate, we will limit the number of experienced players that are selected through the lottery.

Buddy Policy. League size and number of teams is a limit of the number of women we have register each year.  If a man is buddied with a woman in the registration process, then the man will be advanced through the lottery automatically and the pair will be put on the same team.  See the DiscNW Buddy Policy for hat events.

Waitlist Policy.  The DiscNW Wait List Policy states that DiscNW volunteers receive priority status on the waitlist.  Individuals who have volunteered for DiscNW in the past year will bypass the lottery.   Volunteer this year for DiscNW to improve your status in next year's Hat Leagues and other similar Waitlist limited events.  Additionally, experienced players who are willing to captain a team may receive priority status at the discretion of the League Coordinators.


Important Dates

  • Registration Closes - 3/18
  • Registration Window for Lottery Closes - 3/11
  • Payment Deadline for Lottery Selections - 3/15
  • Captains Meeting - 3/19 (TBD)
  • Pre-Season Practices (optional) - 3/29
  • Season Starts - 4/5
  • Playoffs - None, just 10 weeks of straight round robin playing
  • Season Ends - 6/7

Captaining and Mentoring

Do you enjoy teaching ultimate? Are you an experienced vet who would enjoy mentoring a new captain? Are you a cool woman with a few years (or more) of ultimate experience who wants to pass her love of the game onto the next round of newbies? Consider captaining or mentoring for Verns! 

Captains can't do it all! Mentors will be expected to show up a little early to games to throw with any new players on your team. Mentors will also help answer basic questions about ultimate rules and strategy, and instill the Spirit of the Game into a new cadre of players.


Captains have 3 jobs:
1. Help teammates learn team strategy and field sense
2. make sure everyone is having fun
3. Send weekly game reminders and use the roster manager tool to track RSVPs.

Captains' Benefits:
1. Enjoy sharing your knowledge of effective plastic chasing with people who want to know.
2. You'll get to teach a new round of people the art of heckling.
3. You will likely have a lot of say in which restaurant hungry folks flock to after games.
4. People will think you know stuff.  We plan to give you some new teaching tools so it will be easy to fool people.
5. By the end, you'll think you know stuff.
6. You'll have mentors to help you :)
7. If you're selected to captain, you're guaranteed a team to play on, and a say in which jersey color and design you end up with.
8. Captains might get some awesome 5 ultimate swag customized for Verns League.
9. Captains will get a custom deck of UltiCards!


Almost all games will be played at Jefferson Park, and Genesse Park.  Both fields are turf and they are located in South Seattle.  Games will be Friday nights and will start at 6:30, 7:15 or 8:30 and will last for 2 hours.

Download the Seattle field permit and the Shoreline field permit.


The 11th Edition of the Rules of Ultimate will be used for Verns.

League Specific Rules

This season games will not be scored.  We want to encourage captains to take advantage of teaching moments mid game and after games.  We also want to encourage new players to play without the pressure of winning or losing.

3 timeouts per game.

Games will last the full 2 hours available in each time slot.  Hard cap is 5 minutes prior to the end of the time.  Captains may choose to end the games early and debreif with new players specific items of strategy.  Captains may also choose to begin keeping score towards the end of the 2 hour time.

This is an 18+ league in accordance with the DiscNW Hat Event Particpation Policy.

Start and finish your games on time.

Additional league rules will be posted prior to the start of the season.


No Dogs

Note to athletic field users, friends, and families: Dogs are not allowed at organized athletic fields, beaches, or children's play areas in Seattle, Shoreline, and Redmond parks. They are welcome on leash everywhere else in the park system, and there are other off-leash areas where they can romp without leashes.  All our fields are turf, last we checked dogs and turf aren't good for each other.  Please leave Fluffy at home on game days.

No Alcohol

Note to athletic field users, friends, and families: Alcohol is not allowed at organized athletic fields, beaches, or children's play areas in Seattle, Shoreline, and Redmond parks.  Drinking beer is allowed at many fine taverns and restaurants across King County.  Please leave the sprits at home on game days.

In the past we've received at least one warning per season regarding dogs and beer on the fields by various parks departments.  If further infractions occur we risk losing access to the fields.  Please refrain from bringing dogs and alcohol to games.  Thanks!