Verns Hat League (2008)

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Alcohol is not allowed on Shoreline fields.

Alcoholic beverages, narcotics and the use of tobacco products shall not be permitted in school facilites or on school property at any time. This includes any and all Shoreline School District Facilities (Kellogg, Shorecrest, Stadium) and includes not only the fields but the parking lots adjacent to the facilities.

If a second violation of this agreement occurs, Shoreline will cancel any further use of the fields for DiscNW.  We have already had one violation, so don't be the one who causes the second violation!

Want to go somewhere nearby to enjoy some refreshments?  Here's a post on the bulletin board with some great ideas. 


Online registration is now closed.  Registration window for the lottery for men closed on February 21.

Vern's League 2008: Revenge of the Nerds!!!

Who will prevail? The band geeks? The Chess Club? Or perhaps the Model U.N.?

Verns League is a TEACHING LEAGUE for beginners and intermediate-level players. NO EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED; just bring your enthusiasm, humor, wit, and interest in chasing plastic. It's a great way to learn ultimate, improve your skills, and meet new people.

Experienced players captain teams and pass on their knowledge and love of the game. Never captained before? No problem. Let us know you're interested and we'll pair you with a "veteran captain" to mentor you.

The season begins after we spring ahead to daylight savings time (Vernal Equinox) and runs for 10 weeks including playoffs.


The first of two pre-season practices takes place this Friday, March 21. More details will be posted soon.

Do you enjoy teaching ultimate? Are you an experienced vet who would enjoy mentoring a new captain? Are you a cool woman with a few years (or more) of ultimate experience who wants to pass her love of the game onto the next round of newbies? Consider captaining or mentoring for Vern's!

Captains can't do it all! Mentors will be expected to show up a little early to games to throw with any new players on your team. Mentors will also help answer basic questions about ultimate rules and strategy, and instill the Spirit of the Game into a new cadre of players.

Captains have 3 jobs: 1) Help teammates learn team strategy and field sense; 2) make sure everyone is having fun; 3) Send weekly game reminders and use the roster manager tool to track RSVPs. With roster manager, your job is much easier than it once was.

Captains' Benefits:
1. Enjoy sharing your knowledge of effective plastic chasing with people who want to know.
2. You'll get to teach a new round of people the art of heckling.
3. You will likely have a lot of say in which restaurant hungry folks flock to after games
4. People will think you know stuff.
5. By the end, you'll think you know stuff.
6. You'll have mentors to help you:)
7. The sooner you volunteer, the sooner the flow of "PLEASE CAPTAIN" emails shall cease.
8. If you're selected to captain, you're guaranteed a team to play on.

Interested? Contact

Online registration is now open. Registration window for the lottery for men closed on February 21. Men can still register, but they will be put on the waitlist.


Michael Xenakis and Nadia Morgen are your 2008 Verns Hat League Coordinators. You can contact us with questions or comments at


Verns league is a co-ed hat league. People sign up to play as individuals, and the coordinators make the rosters with an eye toward creating evenly matched teams.

The primary purpose of Verns league is to have fun and introduce new players to ultimate. In this league we will endeavor to help you learn the rules of Ultimate, learn what 'Spirit Of The Game' is, improve your basic skills in Ultimate, get a great workout, have fun meeting new people, and have an opportunity to participate in fun social gatherings.



  • All games will be played on Friday evenings starting April 4th.
  • We'll have two time slots for games - 7pm and 8:45pm.
  • There will be one or two pre-season practices for those who wish to get a little instruction before the regular season starts. More information will be posted soon.
  • Playoffs will be the last 3 Fridays of the season. The finals will be on June 6.
  • We are trying to schedule all the games in Shoreline on the turf!



Online registration opens on Valentine's Day, Thursday, February 14th at 12 noon. The player fee is $40 and this can be paid online. To pay by check fill one out to "DiscNW" and mail it to DiscNW, Attn: Verns League, PO Box 85112, Seattle, WA 98145.

There will be a lottery for men. So, if you are a man you will initially be placed on the waitlist. Make sure to register between 2/14 - 2/21 to be eligible for the lottery. If you are not selected in the lottery you will remain on the waitlist. You might still get a spot in the league if players selected in the lottery drop out or do not pay on time. Players taken from the waitlist will be selected in chronological order by the time of registration, so do sign up asap.

Check out the DiscNW Payment Policy, Refund Policy, and more.


Important Dates

  • Registration Opens - February 14
  • Registration Window for Lottery Closes - February 21
  • Payment Deadline for Lottery Selections - February 29
  • Payment Deadline for post-Lottery men - March 7
  • Captains Meeting - about 1 week before the start of the season
  • Pre-Season Practices (optional) - March 21 & March 28
  • Season Starts - April 6
  • Regular Season Ends - May 16
  • Playoffs - May 23, May 30, and June 6



The 2008 Verns League Champions will receive beautiful DiscNW prize discs!

DiscNW is proud to announce that this year the team that finishes the season with the highest Spirit score will receive a free quarter barrel keg of darn tasty beer from Georgetown Beer.


The 11th Edition of the Rules of Ultimate will be used again for Verns.

Rules links:


League Specific Rules

2 timeouts per half per team – keep them short!

Games are to 15.  Hard cap is at 17.

Time cap comes on at 10 minutes prior to the end of the round.  Finish the point you are playing.  If the game is tied play one more point.  Otherwise, the team in the lead is the winner.

Start and finish your games on time.

Footblocks are not allowed.

Some kind of cheer (song, game, speech, etc.) is expected from every team after every game.

4:3 is the gender ratio; there should be 4 men and 3 women on the field for each team.

Zone defense is allowed starting on week three.  Captains are encouraged to discuss playing zone before the game.

Everyone pulls.  Every player should take a turn at pulling.  Players who have already pulled should not pull again if there is another player on the field who hasn’t pulled yet that game.