Vern's League (2006)

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Hat League
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Verns League is a teaching league for beginners and intermediate-level players. Experienced players captain teams and pass on their knowledge and love of the game. It's a great way to learn ultimate, improve your skills, and meet new people. The season begins after we spring ahead to daylight savings time (Vernal Equinox) and runs for 12 weeks including playoffs. Each team has a similar balance of experienced players and beginners.


The playoff schedule is now posted... HERE!


We've found a couple of outstanding individuals to run Verns League this year. Everyone please give it up for Erin Gallagher and Michael Xenakis!!

You can contact the League Coordinators at .


Verns league is a co-ed hat league. People sign up to play as individuals, and the coordinators determine the teams randomly.

The primary purpose of Verns league is to have fun and introduce new players to ultimate. In this league we will endeavor to help you learn the rules of Ultimate, learn what 'Spirit Of The Game' is, improve your basic skills in Ultimate, get a great workout, have fun meeting new people, and have an opportunity to participate in fun social gatherings.

Nearly everyone had a great time in Verns 2005, so we


We will be using the UPA 10th Edition Rules for all games, with the following exceptions:

  • 4M/3F gender ratio
  • No zone the first two weeks.
  • No footblocks.
  • Pull - everyone on the line must have pulled the frisbee once before someone on the line can pull the frisbee a second time.