Vernament (2015)

Event Type
Hat Tournament
Event Start
Event End
Shoreline, WA

After a multi-year hiatus, DiscNW is proud to announce the return of the Verns Hat League-inspired coed, hat tournament: Vernament!

The Vernament is taking place at the Shoreline Center from 1:00pm-6:30pm on Saturday, June 13.



Initial bids are out!

Vernament is a go, and our first round of invitations to the tournament is out!  Fear not if you are still on the wait list.  You will likely get invited in the next round (Monday June 8) -- until then, we are just holding spots in case a few more women decide to register.

If your bid has been accepted, please confirm by paying.  You are not "in" until you pay!


More info coming early next week!

We are very excited to host Vernament!  Our biggest roadblock at this point is the number of women who are interested in the tournament. Without a few more female players, we won't be able to hold the event at all. So if there's a lady on your Verns team who you'd like to play with more, please consider chatting her up! :) Or if you have female friends outside of Verns League who would be a good fit for this tournament, by all means!

We're going to finalize the number of teams for Vernament the weekend of 5/30, and we'll be promoting people off of the wait list on Monday, June 1st (or perhaps slightly thereafter).  Stay tuned!


Registration is now open!  

All players are initially waitlisted.  We will periodically un-waitlist players who are also playing in Verns league.  If you aren't playing in Verns, you're welcome to register, but you may or may not end up playing (and we probably won't know until much closer to the event).


Registration Info

  • Verns players get dibs on spots. Non-Verns players may be added to round out team numbers.
  • The registration cost is $24.66, plus sales tax.
  • Buddies are allowed and encouraged, but only in pairs (no "daisy chains" to create a buddy group larger than two).
  • Note: All registrants will initially go to the wait list until we figure out how many teams we will have.  You will probably be accepted! Do not fear!


Tournament Basics

  • This is a highly-spirited event, with emphasis on continuing to develop the skills learned in Verns.
  • Teams will be formed day-of by drawing names out of a (figurative) hat.  In most cases, we will try to put Verns teammates on the same Vernament teams.
  • We will keep score, and there will be a tournament champion.
  • We will also record spirit scores, and the spirit champion team will receive Spirit Of The Game discs!
  • Gender ratio will be 5:2 or 4:3, offense calls.
  • Each team will get 3 games.


The 11th Edition of the Rules of Ultimate will be used for Vernament.

This is an 18+ tournament in accordance with the DiscNW Hat Event Participation Policy.


No dogs, and no alcohol.  Please leave your pups and booze at home!


Additional tournament rules will be posted prior to the Vernament.