Tacoma Winter League (2011)

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Hat League
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Don't just settle for indoor - come outside to play ultimate in Tacoma this winter. This league is going to mirror the Tacoma Fall League on a smaller scale. Four teams will be drafted from the pool of signups to play every Monday night from 8-10 at Curtis High stadium in University Place, from January 31-March 28. We only have room for about 60 people, so if you're interested, sign up quickly!

I'll keep the signup window open until Wednesday, January 26, then we'll have a draft and notify you which team you're on before the first game.

Each Monday we'll play two hour-long games to 11, switching opponents at 9:00. This means it'll be important to start the first games right at 8:00. There are other folks using the fields just before us, so the lights will already be on when we arrive, and the track is available for warmups prior to our start time.



The fee will be $25 per player.