Tacoma Winter Indoor Hat League (2015)

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Hat League
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Tacoma indoor ultimate league run in conjunction with Tacoma Metro Parks District. Join us for about 9-10 games of intense indoor ultimate fun!



Thank you to our partner in offering Tacoma Indoor ultimate--Tacoma Metro Parks!

Jerry Keister is your 2015 Tacoma Indoor League Coordinator. You can contact him with questions or comments at .

Teams will be drafted prior to the start of the season.  Players will be e-mailed after the draft with team team & jersey color information. 

Games will be on Wednesdays from early-January to early-March.  Expect about 9 games with a possible playoff at the end of the season.

Round times will depend upon number of teams/registrations.  Games will be played between the hours of 5:45pm and 8:45pm.  Final schedules will be posted shortly after the draft.

Payment may be made online or via check made payable to DiscNW, Attn: Tacoma Winter Indoor, PO Box 85112, Seattle, WA 98145.


We will be using the USA Ultimate 11th Edition Rules with modifications for indoor ultimate:

  • Hockey-style substitutions, ~60 minutes of playtime (4 quarters or 2 halves depending on number of teams)
  • 6 second stall count
  • 1 time out/half
  • Pull and take possession at last point it landed/touched in bounds or was caught. Brick is mid-field. Example: if disc is skipped and then goes out of bounds, play starts at the point of the skip. If the disc never touches in bounds, possession starts at mid-field.
  • Overtime rules: Each team gets one possession with 2-3 minutes (depending on time available) to score as many points as possible, MAKE IT TAKE IT. Flip to start, winner chooses to receive or pull.