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Tacoma indoor ultimate league run in conjunction with Tacoma Metro Parks District. Join us for at least 9 games of intense indoor ultimate fun!


Thank you to our partner in offering Tacoma Indoor ultimate--Tacoma Metro Parks!

Our 2nd session of indoor ultra-fast, ultra-fun indoor ultimate will start January 10th. Teams will be drafted January 5th, so you should be registered and paid by then if you want to play!

Games will be on Thursdays through mid-March.


Jerry Keister is your 2008 Tacoma Indoor League Coordinator. You can contact him with questions or comments at .


  • The league is being run in conjunction with Metro Parks Tacoma.
  • All games will be at Truman Middle School in Tacoma, WA
  • Games will be played on Thursdays in the evenings. There will be 3 rounds: 6:15, 7:30 and 8:30pm start times.
  • First game will be Jan. 10th, last game March 13th.
  • The league will be co-ed. Gender ratio is 3:1.
  • Teams will be formed by draft.
  • Games will be at Truman Middle School in North Tacoma.
  • Register and pay by January 5th. We are drafting teams that day.


We will be using the UPA 11th Edition Rules.

Hockey-style substitutions, 20 or 25 minute halves

6 second stall count