Tacoma Ultimate Camp (2007)

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Ultimate Frisbee is an exciting, non-contact team sport that mixes sports such as Soccer, Basketball, and American Football into one high energy game. Top-level Ultimate players require an unmatched degree of speed, stamina, and agility, yet the simplicity of the rules means it's easy and fun for newcomers to pick up. The sport is also self-refereed and thus, stresses mutual respect between players. The camp will be coached by veteran coaches from top Seattle high and middle school teams and experienced elite college players from the Tacoma area.


DiscNW is proud to announce the very first ever middle school overnight camp this summer from July 23rd to July 27th! We will be holding this fun-filled camp on Pacific Lutheran University's campus in Tacoma, WA. Along with fantastic coaching we will be providing 3 meals and lodging for overnight campers. For those campers who live close to PLU's campus we will provide 2 meals a day. Keep your eyes open for registration which should open next week!




This option is for those campers who plan to stay overnight. Food and lodging will be provided by PLU's dining hall and dorms.

Day Camp


A more cost-effective option for those campers who live close to PLU. Lunch will be provided during the day!