Sundodger (2016)

Event Type
Team Tournament
Event Start
Event End
Burlington, WA

Welcome to the 2016 rendition of Sundodger. We hope to bring 14-20 teams in each the men's and women's division together in an early season tournament jamboree.


All teams/programs will be WAITLISTED until we can email and confirm with you.


Women's Schedule

Men's Schedule

Field Map

*Note, the fields are wet and we will likely need to move fields around for Day 2 which is why no fields are assigned for Day 2 games. I will update field assignments after play on Saturday.


Report all game scores to Rusty as Tournament Central, or tweet scores @DiscNWLive, or email them into the TDs.


Teams can expect 5-6 games on the weekend.

First teams bid fee = $350.40 (price includes sales tax)

Second team bid fee = $300.03 (price includes sales tax)

While we want to have as many teams as possible, we will prioritize first teams over second teams. Please wait till you have a direct email from our TD confirming your team's number of bids.


We will be playing by USAU 11th Edition Rules.


All Games to 13, except Women's Pool B which will play to 11.

75 mins to the hard cap

1 timeout/half + floater

1 horn for game start, 2 horns for hard cap, please track your own time as horns may be hard to hear at certain fields