U-16 & U-19 Summer Hat League (2015)

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All Sessions are 2 Hours long 6-8 on Mondays.  There will be no session on July 4th

This is the registration page for the 2015 DiscNW Summer Youth Hat League.  This league will serve players 6th through 12th grade.  This is a coed league.  Because of limited registration by players 16 and over we are encouraging players 16 and over to register for the Performance League here

This hat league will focus on fun and fundamentals.  This is a great opportunity for newer players looking to develop their skills and get more field time.  

We will host weekly week-night games following specific skill-building coaching sessions.  

Limited registration has led us to make this a 16 and under 5v5 league.  It will be a pod based league. This league will play with modified rules set- 


This is a 5 on 5 league. 

5 on 5 rules

5 on 5 is a fast paced variation of ultimate. You sub on the fly, and less players means more touches of the disc. Here are the rules:

  1. The field is 25 yards wide and 70 yards long in total, with 14 yard endzones. There is no brick.
  2. Stall counts are to 8.
  3. There is no pull after a point. When a team scores, the receiving player acknowledges the goal and immediately places the disc on the ground. The other team has 8 seconds to take possession and put the disc into play at that spot. They cannot walk the disc to the goal line.
  4. Players sub on the fly. The designated sub zone is at the midline of the field, 10 yards in length, marked by cones. Every player entering the field must tag the outgoing player on the sideline before entering the field.
  5. At the beginning of a game and after half, both teams line up at the back of the end zone for the initial pull.
  6. When a team gains possession in their endzone, if the disc left the field of play, it can be put into play on the perimeter line where it crossed, or brought to the front of the endzone at the point closest to where it crossed the perimeter line. But if the disc did not leave the field of play and came to rest in the endzone, it is put into play where it came to rest.
  7. Games will be played to 13. Win by 2, no soft cap. 

In order to increase the variety and fun for a short league, we use a "pod" system. 

Rosters - The league places players into half-team pods, where each pod has 5-7 players.  Every attempt is made to balance pods by talent, experience, numbers ...

Games - Two pods will combine to form one team for a game.  For example, first week match-ups might include Pods A & B against Pods C & D.  On the second week it might be Pods A & C against Pods E & F. 

Buddies - Friends are encouraged to register together for the league.  If you want to play together as a pod (up to 6 players), please name the pod's captain as your "Buddy" when you register.  Players without buddies/pods will be assigned to pods by the league.  Groups that sign up as a pod with less than full-strength will be assigned additional players.  8 pods will comprise the league.

Free Agent Players - Players accepted into the league after close of registration may be designated as a "free agent".  Free agents play where needed (to fill pod shortages on a week-by-week basis.)  Being a free-agent is a great way to play with virtually everyone in the league.


Registration is $45

Bring sunscreen, water, white & dark shirts. If you bring a disc, please write your name on it.

There will be weekly games played on either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday evenings at Maplewood Playfield.