Summer Master's Hat League (2011)

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Hat League
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Tired of chasing those twenty-something’s around the field? Are you a veteran player ready for some fun, complex, thinking-person’s ultimate?  Then the Master’s Hat League is for you. Geared for men AND  women players over 30, the Summer Master’s League is a great way to connect with the vibrant community of the Northwest’s veteran players. 

Come out and join the fun.  Registration is open now, and all bids must be received and PAID FOR by July 11th.



  • All games will be played on Monday evenings at 6:30pm
  • The season starts on June 6 and will finish on July 25
  • We will use the pod system for rosters this year.  See below for details about this format.
  • Players over 30 may register for the league
  • Women are invited to participate, but there is no gender ratio enforced on the field



All games will be played on the grass Sports Meadow at Magnuson Park in Seattle!  Download the fields permit here.



Online registration is now open.  The registration fee is $42.  Payment can be made online or by mailing a check to DiscNW, Attn: Mens Hat, PO Box 85112, Seattle, WA 98145.



In order to increase the variety and fun for a short league.  Team pods will be used.  In the past Chick Flick and the Spring Men's Hat League has used this model with success.

Rosters - This league will group players in to half-team pods.  Each pod will have about 7 players each. 

Games - Two pods will combine to form one team for a game.  For example, first week matchups might include Pods A & B against Pods C & D.  On the second week it might be Pods A & C against Pods E & F.

Buddies - As with the Men for All Seasons tournament,  friends are encouraged to register together for the league.  If you want to play together as a pod (up to 7 people), please name the pod's captain as your "Buddy" on the registration form.  Players without buddies or teams will be assigned to teams.  Groups that sign up as a pod with less than 7 players may be assigned additional players.  Up to 8 team pods will be accepted to the league.


We will be using the 11th Edition of the Rules of Ultimate for the league.

Any league specific rules will be posted prior to the start of the season.

Please start and finish your games on time!

No Dogs

Dogs are not allowed at organized athletic fields, beaches, or children's play areas in Seattle parks. They are welcome on leash everywhere else in the park system, and there are other off-leash areas where they can romp without leashes.  

No Alcohol

Alcohol is not allowed at organized athletic fields, beaches, or children's play areas in Seattle, Shoreline, and Redmond parks.