Summer Master's Hat League (2007)

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Hat League
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Masters Hat League is for folks over 30 years old. This summer most of the games will be at Magnuson Park. Additionally, it will happen at the same day of the week and time as Womens Hat League. This should make it easier for folks with kids to make it a summer night out.


Week 1 Summary. . . Well Hung jumped out to a big lead over Yogiii and coasted to a 15-8 victory . . . Joint Juice handled Bulging Disc 15-5 . . . All were happy to be playing at Magnuson in the beautiful sunshine . . ..

Week 2 Summary. . . Well Hung had no Bulging Disc problems and won 15-6 . . . Head Juicer reported: Joint Juice bumbled away an 8-4 halftime lead and lost to Yogiii 15-13..

Week 3 Summary. . . Yogiii and the handful of Bulging Disc players who showed up mixed things up and had a good old time . . . Joint Juice vs. Well Hung was close in the first half (8-6 at half in favor of WH) but WH controlled the early part of the second half and was able to shrug off the late game rally by JJ . . . Final score: 15-10..

Week 4 Summary. . . In the first round of league rematches Yogiii exacted its revenge and showed it's kielbasa to Well Hung handing the only remaining undefeated team a 15-12 loss . . . Joint Juice handled Bulging Disc again as the balky-backed ones struggled to muster enough players for the second week in a row. . ..

Week 5 Summary. . . The second round of league rematches found Yogiii taking down Joint Juice. Although the result was the same the game was much better. Yogiii's Head Guru reported "Yogiii took an early 2-0 lead, but JJ put up 5 unanswered points and took half 8-6. Yogiii tied it up at 10, saw the picnic basket, and took the game 15-12." . . . In the other game Well Hung got back in the W column and kept pace with Yogiii in the standings by handing the ever shorthanded Bulging Disc squad another defeat. Head Honcho de la Hung said "we just put it deep a lot . . . don't we always? . . . and successfully executed several long sideline throws." Final score: 15-9. . ..

Week 6 Summary. . . The last round of league rematches found an inspired Joint Juice giving all hell to Hung. The result was the same as their first game (Hung won) but this time the game was much better. JJ took an early 3-1 lead, got it to 6-3, but Hung put up a bunch of points and took half 8-7. After the half things got sloppy, but WH scored most of the points and got to 14-10. JJ added a couple more before WH used some unorthodox throws to finish the game. Final score 15-12 . . . In the other game Yogiii handed the ever shorthanded Bulging Disc squad another defeat. Technically a forfeit, maybe someone has a real score. . . .

Week 7 Summary. . . In the championship game Yogiii defended its title against Well Hung in what was largely characterized as a great game. Yogiii got up in the first half, but Hung came back and took half. In the second half Yogiii went on a early run. Hung responded and tied it up at 11's. After that, Yogiii finished like only the grand masters they are (shit. . . how many years do you have to win the league before you get that type of fancy as title!) closing it out 15-12. . . In the 3/4 game Bulging Disc won by forfeit over Joint Juice. . . 9 showed for BD - a season high - while JJ mustered only 1 . . . one of these years we'll have a 3/4 game that isn't decided by whether there are enough people to put 7 on the line. . . .


Feel free to email your League Coordinator at .



  • All games will be on Monday evenings. See shedule for exact times.
  • The season starts on July 9th, and it will finish on August 20th or 27th.
  • Captains will participate in a pre-season draft to select players for teams.
  • This is an open league. That means that men and women may sign up, but there is no gender ratio.

Fields: Most games will be at Magnuson Park in Seattle! Some games will be at other fields in Seattle or Shoreline.


We will be using the UPA 11th Edition Rules for the league.

Please start and finish your games on time!