Summer Hat League (2013)

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Hat League
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To play in Summer Coed Hat League you must be 18 years of age or older.  

Participants in the summer hat league represent a wide range of skills and age groups. Many players who start in Verns league or the High School leagues continue to hone their skills in the summer hat league. The league is geared towards beginner and intermediate-level players, and is a great way to meet new people.

As in past years, there will be a lottery for men.

Games will be on Friday evenings, probably around 6:30pm, though some games may be later.

If you have any questions, !


August 17 — It’s Over :-/

Congratulations to the league champions Ugly Duck Theorem! And to the spirit champions Schrö*ding*er’s Cat!

Thank you all (especially captains) for playing. I hope you enjoyed the league as much as I did.

Final Standings

  1. Ugly Duckling Theorem
  2. Seven Circles Theorem
  3. Hairy Ball Theorem
  4. Ham Sandwich Theorem
  5. Infinite Monkey Theorem
  6. TBD Theorem
  7. Squeeze Theorem
  8. Schrö*ding*er’s Cat ←spirit award winners!
  9. CPCTC
  10. Intermediate Value Theorem
  11. Four Color Theorem
  12. 12

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July 28 — Playoffs are here!

Playoffs begin next week (August 2).

Please note, that games are at various times and two teams will have double-headers this week.  See the playoff schedule for details.

Good luck!

As always, if you have questions.

June 27 — Possible opportunities for women

We’ve just emptied the waiting list for women.  While we don't currently have any open spots, there’s a good chance that one or two may open up in the next week or two.  If you’re a women and would like to get on the waiting list, please register.

(Guys, sorry, the waiting list is still plenty long.)

June 11 — First game is this week!

The teams have been drawn and posted on the web site.  The first games are this Friday, June 14, on the synthetic turf fields at Magnuson park.  Game time is 6:30pm, but arrive early to allow time to find and meet your team, warm-up, etc.

Things to bring: a white and a dark shirt, as well as your cleats and some water.

The league is currently full for both men and women, however the waiting list for women is quite short.  Usually there are a few withdrawals within the first week or two, so if you are female and interested in playing, go ahead and register to get on the waiting list.

As always, if you have questions.

June 3 — Clinic/Scrimmage this Friday

There will be a clinic this Friday, June 7, 6:30pm on Magnuson field 6.  We’ll be going over the basic rules, throws and strategies; if you haven't played a lot of Ultimate before, you should definitely try to make it.  If you don't think we can teach you anything, come and help coach!  (We'll also have a field available for scrimmaging.)

The first real games will be at 6:30pm on Friday June 14.  Expect an email from us early next week with a few more details, and an email from your team captain(s) sometime after the captains’ meeting on June 12.  In the mean time, if you have any questions.

May 21 — The Lottery Has Been Run, Payment Due!

The lottery for men has been run, and the results have been e-mailed out.  (We will most likely be admitting a few more men before the league starts, so if you did’t make the cut, don’t give up all hope.)

League fees are due by Sunday, May 26!

We can still use more women!

About Buddies

You are allowed to name one “buddy” on your registration form.  (More details here.)  Men who are buddied with a woman have a markedly increased chance of doing well in the lottery.

Important Dates

Registration Opens April 26
Lottery Deadline May 19, 11:59pm
Lottery Results Emailed May 21
Payment Deadline May 26, 11:59pm
(last day of Vern’s)
June 7, 6:30pm
Captains' Meeting June 12
First Game June 14, 6:30pm

Possible Scrimmage/clinic
(Potlatch weekend)

July 5, 6:30pm

Playoffs Begin August 2
Finals August 16



  • This is a coed league, and all teams must play with a 4 men :: 3 women gender ratio for all games.
  • If you don't have 3 women you'll have to play down.
  • We plan to play on synthetic turf fields in Seattle (Magnuson Park) and Shoreline.
  • Games will be on Friday evenings, typically at 6:30pm, though some games may be later.
  • Playoffs will be the last 3 weeks of the season.



Online registration will open soon. The league fee is $65.70 (includes sales tax) per player.  Payments can be made by check (via mail) or using a credit card (online).  Checks should be sent to:

  • DiscNW
  • Attn: Summer Hat League
  • PO Box 85112
  • Seattle, WA 98145



We plan to use fields in Seattle (Magnuson Park)  and Shoreline for the league this year. More details will be posted prior to the season.


The DiscNW Hat Event Policy applies to this league.

The 11th Edition of the Rules of Ultimate will again be used for the Summer Team League.

All games are played to 15, win by 2. Point cap at 17.