Spring Reign Volunteering (2013)

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Spring Reign takes place on April 27-28 at the Skagit River Park in Burlington, WA.  Boasting over 90 elementary, middle, and high school teams, Spring Reign is the largest youth Ultimate tournament in the world! Come enjoy the spectacle while helping DiscNW to support the next generation of Ultimate players from the Northwest and beyond!

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Volunteer Duties

Volunteers at Spring Reign perform many essential functions for the tournament, including but not limited to the following:

  • Lining 32 Ultimate fields (Thursday and Friday)
  • Running the registration table (assembling registration packets, welcoming teams, processing paperwork, answering tournament questions, etc.) (Friday evening and Saturday morning)
  • Setting up tournament central and fields each day of the tournament (unloading the tournament truck, setting up cones and garbage cans, setting up water stations, etc.)
  • Preparing tournament snacks (slicing fruit, making sandwiches, mixing Gatorade, etc.)
  • Collecting scores and delivering them to the main scorekeepers, updating the tournament map to reflect which fields teams are playing on each round
  • Emptying and sorting recycling, trash, and compost throughout the day (help us be green!)
  • Maintaining restrooms and portable toilets (cleaning, replenishing TP and soap, etc. - help us be clean!)
  • Cleaning up after the tournament each day (washing dishes, loading the tournament truck, collecting lost and found, picking up and sorting garbage, etc.)

Volunteer Benefits

  • Pre-tourney volunteer meal to meet tournament directors and your  fellow volunteers.  April 20 at 1:30pm.  Contact for location and to RSVP.
  • Special edition Five Ultimate Spring Reign staff jersey.  (Guaranteed only for volunteers who register by April 7; later registrations will receive some kind of tourney merchandise, but it may be an undesireable size or, if we run out, not an official staff jersey.)
  • Spring Reign disc
  • Player and volunter tourney snacks throughout the day
  • Lunch on DiscNW 
  • Fun!  A chance to see some amazing youth Ultimate and hang out with people from the community
  • Special consideration for bids to Potlatch and other DiscNW events
  • Lodging and dinner for volunteers who commit significant hours on two or more days
  • Driving a golf cart (responsible volunteers with a driver's license only)

Who Can Volunteer?

Any adult or child age 11 or older can volunteer for Spring Reign!

In particular, we encourage adult club/league teams, college teams, and high school teams who are not attending the tournament to sign up as a group.  Volunteering at Spring Reign a fun way to bond with your teammates and give back to the Ultimate community.  Some of our longtime volunteer groups include the following:

  • Huckin' Easy
  • Tsunami
  • Western Washington University Chaos
  • Western Washington University Dirt
  • University of Washington Element


We ask that volunteers commit at least four hours to dedicated help.*  You won't have many opportunities to watch games during your dedicated volunteer period, but individuals who donate more than two hours will get breaks during the day to watch youth Ultimate, leave the site, etc.

*Parents, coaches, and players who are participating in the tournament who are interested in helping with set-up or clean-up can volunteer less time.


Click on "Register Now" below to indicate your interest and availability for volunteering at Spring Reign 2013.  Thank you for your consideration!

After you register, a DiscNW staff person will contact you with details no later than April 19.