Spring Reign (2017)

Event Type
Team Tournament
Event Start
Event End
Burlington, WA

Spring Reign is one of the largest coed youth ultimate tournaments in the world, with age divisions for middle school (grades 6-8) and high school (grades 9-12) teams. The tournament hosts school-based teams hailing from Washington, British Columbia, Manitoba, Oregon, Montana, and Idaho, celebrationg youth ultimate in the Northwest!

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Congratulations to the following Spirit and Championship Winners:

Middle School

A Division

  • Spirit of the Game Award:  Washington A
  • Champion: Charles Wright A

B Division

  • Spirit of the Game Award: Seattle Country Day School B
  • Champion: Stratford Hall A

C Division

  • Spirit of the Game Award: St. John's-Ravencourt B
  • Champion:  Whidbey Island


High School

A Division

  • Spirit of the Game Award: Lakeside
  • Champion: Franklin A

B Division

  • Spirit of the Game Award: Nathan Hale
  • Champion: Cleveland

C Division

  • Spirit of the Game Award: Burnaby
  • Champion: Roosevelt

Game Schedules are posted.  All Saturday scores have been entered, and Sunday brackets are updated.


Download the 2017 Spring Reign program (.pdf).


The 2017 Spring Reign Field Map has been updated.




Showcase Game of Equal Gender

Thank you to our local club teams who will be playing in a mixed & equal gender showcase game at 530pm on Saturday night.

BFG Mixtape Riot Sockeye



Important Dates

 January 20  Registration opens.
 March 10
 March 17
 All registered teams will be notified by email of acceptance or waitlist status.
 March 24
 Payment & bid confirmation deadline for accepted teams.
 March 31
 Any spots not accepted via payment will be offered to teams on the waitlist.
 April 10

 All paperwork due, including online roster, waivers, and coaching code of conduct (CCC). Start early! Teams not submitting paperwork by this date will not be included in the tournament schedule.

  • Roster must include at least 14 players (at least 6 of each gender) whose waivers are signed. 
  • Players may be added later, but they should not play until they are added to the online roster and their waivers are signed.
  • Each team must submit a signed CCC for at least one coach who is 21 years of age or older.
 April 17  Schedules posted.
 April 22-23   Spring Reign tournament weekend!


New This Year: We are no longer hosting an elementary division at Spring Reign.

We realize this is very disappointing news for many but we hope you understand why we felt we needed to make this choice.  

  1. Because we can only make room for 8 ES teams at Spring Reign (even if we switch to a 5v5 format) we now find ourselves turning away more bids than we accept.  This leads to more disappointment than we care to be associated with.    
  2. This change will likely mean that ES teams will play league games on the weekend of Spring Reign.  This differs from previous seasons.  This will allow us to end the ES season a week earlier than the rest of the youth spring leagues and put more resources into expanding Spring Jam!
  3. Spring Jam will be AWESOME!  We will open it up to twice as many teams as we have in the past.  Five ultimate will be there with a big merch tent and chill out area.  We'll host an amazing showcase game. There will be field food. There will be spirit games for prizes and more!
  4. I hope the excitement and feel of Spring Jam will mirror Spring Reign and ease the pain. 


Tournament Information

 April 22-23, 2017

 Skagit River Park in Burlington, WA. 

  Competition Level  

 Middle & High School: Multiple pools to accommodate various skill levels, ranging from novice to very experienced. 

  Number of Games

 Middle & High School: 5-6 games.


Bid Fee

 Middle & High School: $430. Payment can be made online or by check.
  • Snacks, juice, & water provided.
  • Official tournament merchandise available for purchase.
  • Athletic Trainers on site.
  • Saturday dinner for players included in tourney fee.

Registration Information

Due to its popularity and limited field space, Spring Reign is strictly an invitational tournament. Unfortunately, we cannot accept every team that wants to attend. The goals of our registration process are transparency and fairness in determining which teams are accepted.


Please Note: You may make as many updates as you wish to your registration form up until the bid deadline on March 10th. 



  • Please see the Important Dates table above for deadlines, the timeline for invitations, and the application/payment schedule.
  • It is up to each school to make sure that a registration is completed for its team(s).
  • All teams registering by the March 10 deadline will be initially placed on the waitlist.
  • The Tournament Directors will invite teams to the tournament based on the selection criteria below.
  • The Tournament Directors reserve the right to make exceptions to the process and timeline in special cases. 
  • Please contact  if you have any questions.


Selection Criteria

The Tournament Directors will consider all of the following criteria when assigning bids for the tournament. Teams that meet more of these criteria will be more likely to receive a bid.

  • Distance Traveled. Traveling teams who do not participate regularly in DiscNW leagues will be given priority in order to promote diversity at the tournament.
  • Service to the Sport. Teams with a demonstrated history of promoting the sport of ultimate will be given priority. This is especially important for local teams that do not meet the "Distance Traveled" criterion. Local teams who provide volunteers for the tournament and/or contribute positively to the Seattle ultimate community will be given priority.
  • Team Experience. Schools attending Spring Reign for the first time and teams who did not participate in last year's tournament will be given priority.
  • Team Spirit. We recommend reviewing the Spring Reign Spirit of the Game customs and processes. Tournament staff considers Spirit rankings from last year's Spring Reign, DiscNW staff and volunteer observations from the last year, any recent and applicable reports from opponents, and the team's registration essay. Teams who have struggled with Spirit in the last year should describe a concrete plan for improving their team culture, including examples of improvement, if available.
  • Team Maturity/Organization. This includes factors such as meeting deadlines, cooperating and communicating clearly with DiscNW staff/volunteers, and having a responsible and actively involved adult coach or chaperone.
  • Opportunities to Play. Preference will be given to teams who otherwise have few opportunities to compete against appropriate opponents.
  • Number of School Teams. Generally, a school's first team has a greater chance of getting a bid than another school's second (third, fourth, fifth, sixth) team. However, the criteria above are considered more strongly than this criterion.


Fees & Payment

Please accept your bid and submit payment if you are confident of your ability to field a team at the tournament.  We traditionally have a waitlist of teams that wish to participate.  With sufficient notice, these teams can accept a bid to the tournament.  However, it is extremely difficult for the Tournament Directors to find a replacement team on short notice.  In order to deter teams from dropping from the tournament after submitting payment, we have instituted new refund deadlines for teams that chose to withdraw.

Payments must be made in US dollars.


The bid fee for both Middle and High School teams is $430. Payment can be made online or by check.


  • Financial aid is available, with applications due on March 10. For this event, financial aid will be awarded when teams are notified of their bid status on March 18.
  • Online payment by credit card will be permitted between March 17-24 for middle and high school teams that have been accepted to the tournament.
  • Teams that wish to submit payment prior to March 17 may mail a check payable to DiscNW. If the team's bid is not accepted, the check will be destroyed or returned. If the team's bid is accepted, the check will be cashed when the team confirms the bid.
  • Checks should be mailed to DiscNW at PO Box 85112, Seattle, WA, 98145. Label the check with your team name, age division, and "Spring Reign."


Online Registration

The application is quite involved, so we recommend reviewing the selection criteria, collecting information for all coaches/chaperones (e.g., name, age, and contact info), and generally knowing the composition of your team (e.g, grades, number of each gender, and experience) before registering. Don't worry; as long as you meet the March 10 registration deadline, the timing of your application will not affect your likelihood of being accepted to the tournament. In fact, a lack of thorough information on the application would be more likely to harm your chances of acceptance.