Middle School Spring League (2013)

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Team League
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Congratulations to the League Champions!

  • Division A Spirit of the Game: Whitman A
    • This includes teams who played a full season of girls' or boys' ultimate as well.
  • Division A Champ: Mercer Blue
  • Division B Spirit of the Game: Hyla 7/8
  • Division B Champ: Our Lady of the Lake
  • Division C Spirit of the Game: Eton Phoenix Blue
  • Division C Champ: Soundview
  • 6th Grade Spirit of the Game: Hamilton 6th
  • 6th Grade Champ: South Shore C

Final playoff results are posted here.

This league is open to middle school-based teams (grades 6-8), public or private. New this year, we are adding boys' and girls' divisions to this traditionally coed league. Teams may play all of their games in one division, or some games in each division.

In the coed division, there are 3-4 pools to accommodate different age, skill, and experience levels. The boys' and girls' divisions are targeted at A pool teams for this first year.

Games are on Saturdays on fields throughout the greater Seattle region.

Important Dates

December 28 Registration opens.
February 5 Registration closes. League fees due.

Financial Aid Applications due.

Applications for Eligibility Review due (for teams requesting to include players from more than one school or players who are not in grades 6-8).
February 13 Schedule released.
March 8 League paperwork due.
March 14 Coaches' Meeting, 6:30pm, Seattle Country Day School (2619 4th Ave N).
March 16 First games.
May 5 All spirit and game scores should be reported. Teams with missing scores will not participate in post-season play.
May 8 or Earlier Post-season schedule announced.
May 11 & 18 Post-season play.

League Divisions and Fees

The table below outlines league options and fees for each. Teams should pay their league fees at the time of registration. Teams that have not paid by the February 5 deadline will not be included in the league schedule.

Division Skill Level(s) Description Fee
Coed Only
(4 boys:3 girls)
A, B, C, and 6th Grade Pools
6-9 regular season & 1-3 post-season coed games. $310/team
Girls or Boys (G/B) Only*
A Pool 6-9 regular season & 1-3 post-season games for a girls' or boys' team. Schools with a coed student body must provide both girls' & boys' teams.
Combined Coed & G/B*

Coed Games Any Pool, G/B Games A Pool 3-4 coed, 3-4 boys', and 3-4 girls' regular season games. 1-3 post-season games in division of choice (coed or G/B). Schools must provide both girls' & boys' teams.
À La Carte Coed or G/B*
Coed Games Any Pool, G/B Games A Pool This option provides extra game(s) in the division of choice.***

*Teams who wish to play G/B games but cannot form a full team of girls or boys may, per the DiscNW Eligibility Rules, apply to form a consortium team with another school. Note that approved consortium status applies to both coed and G/B play.  Thus, a team playing a combined coed and G/B schedule may pull up players from its school's lower pool teams in order to field a full roster for its girls' or boys' games.

**Girls' teams and boys' teams must each pay the stated fee.

***Teams from schools with a coed student body that are not already playing in one of the three base divisions (coed, combined, or G/B) must provide an option for both boys and girls. Teams from schools with a coed student body that are already playing in one of the three base divisions (coed, combined, or G/B) need not schedule à la carte game(s) for both boys & girls, but it is strongly encouraged. 

Discounts and Financial Aid

There is a 10% discount on the base league fee for schools with 3 or more teams in the league (this does not apply to à la carte fees). Due to website limitations, this discount is not applied to online payments.  To receive the discount, please mail a check for payment to DiscNW at PO Box 85112, Seattle, WA 98145.

Financial aid is available.


Read responses to frequently-asked questions by clicking on the FAQ link at the top of this page. Question still not answered? Email your League Coordinator and DiscNW staff at the contact email at the top of this page.


Click here for paperwork requirements.

If registration is open, a "Register Now" link will be available directly below this sentence.


League Volunteers and Staff Sought

DiscNW is seeking field monitors for this event.  If you are interested in serving in either of these positions, please contact

Field Monitors are responsible for setting up cones at playfields, monitoring teams and spectators for safety, canceling games for poor field conditions, resolving conflicts with other field users, resolving disputes between coaches, offering rules clarifications, keeping time for games, implementing evacuation plans as needed, enforcing DiscNW and park policies, cleaning up after games, dealing with other miscellaneous logistics onsite, and communicating issues with League Coordinator and DiscNW staff.  Monitors work 4-12 hours on Saturdays from March 16 through May 18 and may be responsible for several leagues' games.


Please bring field permits to all of your games as proof of our reservation.  You may need to show this to other users if we do not have a DiscNW field supervisor on site.



Please carefully read the League Rules and Policies and the Post-Season Play Policy.