Spring Middle School League (2008)

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This coed league is open to any middle school team (grades 6-8) in the area. Typically the league is split into skill and age based divisions. This is the longest running and largest middle school league in the country.


UPDATE: Tuesday, May 13 - 2nd round of PLAYOFFS!!

Playoff schedules are up at the links below. We've re-seeded some teams so take a look and find your teams. Games will be played at Magnuson (same site as the regular season games), South Park (in south Seattle), Kellogg MS (on the grass field north of the school), and Shoreline (on the turf fields).

A Divison

B Division

C Division


REMINDER - Dogs are NOT allowed at any Seattle parks or athletic fields. It does not matter if your dog is leashed or unleashed. Please leave your pets at home

Parking update for Magnuson: The main parking lot closest to the Sports Meadow is going away, and construction starts today. If you have a game at Magnuson this season please use the parking lot near the Sand Point fields. Take the walking path that starts near the kids playground. This path leads directly to the playfields. Please leave yourself a little extra time.

Click here for a map of the construction limits and parking options.


Seattle Ultimate Camps offer sessions for players ages 10-13 and 14-18 between June 23 and August 22. Visit the camp FAQ page for answers to commonly asked questions.
The Tacoma Ultimate Camp runs from July 29 - August 2. There are sessions for day campers and for overnight campers.
Camp Orkila on Orcas Island is once again offering Freedom Sports Camp with an ultimate program. For more information download this camp flyer (1.6M .pdf file).



We are excited to start gearing up for the 2008 Spring Middle School League! There are a few changes this year so please read this section carefully before registering.

1. The deadline to register has been pushed forward in order to make the logistics of running the country's largest MS league easier. Registration will open on January 28th and close on February 15th.

The benefit is that schedules will be released on the website for all the registered teams on Wednesday, February 20th. Then we will have the coach's meeting on Tuesday, February 26th! No more waiting till the weekend before Spring League starts to find out what the schedule is!

The meeting will start at 6:30pm on 2/26 and will be held at Treehouse. Treehouse is located at 2100 24th Ave. S - Suite 200 - Seattle, WA 98144. We will be on the second floor. There is ample street parking available.

If you do not have your registration in by the 15th we will do our best to get you some games but they are not guaranteed. You will most likely receive a contact list of the other coaches in your pool to arrange your own games. We will however put you in the playoff scheduling matrix so you can participate in the post-season.

2. All schools/program with more than one team will have to put one of their teams in the A pool of Spring League. The other team or teams can play in any bracket they wish.

While this may seem unfair for newer but bigger programs we assure you that by forcing this stipulation on everyone - your kids will get competitive games. Historically we have had too many teams in the B pool and not enough in the A or C.

3. There will be six brackets this year: A Pool Saturday, A Pool Mid-Week, B Pool Saturday, B Pool Mid-Week, C Pool Saturday, and C Pool Mid-Week.

Once you pick what pool your team is playing in you must decide on either a Saturday or Mid-week schedule, not both. Mid-week schedules will work like it did last year with teams/coaches arranging with others about hosting or traveling to games. It has worked very well the last couple of years. The mid-week pricing will is TBD but will be lower than the regular weekend pricing.

Please do not ask for mid-week games if transportation and/or hosting games are not a possibility for you.

4. No eighth graders may play on a C pool team.

5. Girls - Due to the lower number of girls participating and for safety's sake - we will leave discretionary powers with coaches as to whether a girl can play on more than one team during the regular season. What we don't want happening is girls forced to play savage or down a person. We understand with other obligations, school events, and trips that kids will miss games. This rule allows the coaches to be flexible in order to prevent injuries.

HOWEVER during playoffs - the rule of one player per roster will be forced. We cannot have players on A teams going to help their C team teammates win playoff games.



Jeff Jorgenson and Frank Nam are your 2008 Spring Middle School League Coordinators. You can contact them with questions or comments at spring.youth.ms@discnw.org.




  • This will be a coed league - the ratio is 4:3 (boys:girls) for all games.
  • All games will be played on Saturdays.
  • All teams are required to have an adult coach present at all games.

Important Dates

  • January 28 - Registration opens
  • February 15 - Registration closes
  • February 20 - Schedules released on the website.
  • February 26 - Coaches Meeting - Treehouse - 6:30pm
  • March 15 - Start of season
  • May 10 - Playoffs**
  • May 17 - Playoffs**


Online team registration opens on January 28th and will close on February 15th. The Saturday schedule team fee is $250. The weekday schedule team fee is $100 (Please note that you will have to pay for the weekday schedule by check - DiscNW cannot accept credit card payments for mid-week teams at this time - please send checks to:

Attn: Spring MS Coed League
PO Box 85112
Seattle, WA 98145

Click here to register.

Please don't forget that we will need waivers for all participants. You can find the waiver forms here.

Coaches Meeting

The coaches meeting will start at 6:30pm on 2/26 and will be held at Treehouse. Treehouse is located at 2100 24th Ave. S - Suite 200 - Seattle, WA 98144. We will be on the second floor. There is ample street parking available. This meeting is mandatory so please make plans to send a representative to it. We will go over league logistics, rules, and expectations of coaches.


DiscNW logo discs may be purchased from us. Youth teams are always eligible to purchase discs at $5 each. Please contact William Bartram at for more info.


The 11th Edition of the Rules of Ultimate has been approved by a vote of the UPA membership. DiscNW will provide Spring League Coaches with a complimentary rule book. We also advise all players to review the online documents to familiarize themselves with the new changes.

Players on a team must all attend the same school. Additional rules and policies will be posted prior to the start of the season.


The DiscNW Eligibility Rules are up and can be found at www.discnw.org/youth/eligibility.html. The eligibility rules established here are intended to apply for all official DiscNW youth events including leagues and tournaments. The two principles guiding these rules are fairness and growth. Inclusiveness, while important, is not the overriding principle at play. Teams that are school based with support of teachers, administrators, and parents stand the best chance of stability and survival over the long term. As DiscNW is an ever-evolving organization, the eligibility rules are subject to change in future years to further the goals of the group.