Spring High School Single Gender League (2009)

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This league has both Girls' and Boys' (Open) divisions. The open division will have a JV and a Varsity division. The girls division may also have this sectioning if there are enough teams. It is open to any high school team in the area, regardless of whether they have varsity, club, or no official status at their school. 

Games are scheduled by team coaches (with help from the League Coordinator, who develops a list or "template" of the games that should occur during the season).  Games will be on weeknights at teams' home fields.  If teams are not able to host their own games, DiscNW has reserved [limited] fields at Georgetown, from 5-7 pm, usually on Mondays and Wednesdays (but on some Tuesdays and Thursdays as well).  League fees for teams using the Georgetown fields will be higher than those for teams using their own fields. 

If you would like to register a team for this league, click the "Register Now" link at the very bottom of this "Info" section.  As you sign up, please make sure that you register for the Open or Girls division and either the Varsity or JV within that division. We will combine the Girls Varsity and JV if there is a small number of teams like in past years.

If you are an individual (without a team) who would like to play Single-Gender, click here to register.  Based on these individual registrations, DiscNW will create consortium teams for the league, assigning players to teams with other players from their school, as possible.  Not everyone who registers as an individual will be guaranteed a spot in the league, but DiscNW will do its best to accommodate all.  First preference will be given to players who intend to try out for the Seattle 2009 YCC teams but who do not currently qualify (i.e., players who did not play in any 2008 DiscNW high school league).  Second preference will be given based on date of registration (first come, first served).

Again, if you are registering a team, click on the link directly below this sentence.


Important Dates:

  • December 1: Registration Opens.
  • January 31: Registration closes.
  • Week of February 9 (or earlier): Schedule template announced.
  • Week of March 9 (or earlier): First games.
  • Week of March 16: League fees due.

Seattle Ultimate Camps will provide the following sessions in 2009:
  • June 15-19: Single-gender camps for middle school students
  • June 22-26: Co-ed camps for the following age groups: 10-12, 12-13, and high school
  • August 17-21: Co-ed camps for the following age groups: 10-12, 12-13, and high school
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Teams in the Single Gender Division need to be registered with the UPA. Registration for a team can be completed by going to the following link: ROSTERING 101 . Each player will need to be a UPA member and will need a waiver on file with the UPA. Membership forms and waivers can be found at the above link under Player Registration. If you have questions or trouble please email the coordinator and I will help you through the process.


1) All games are to 13 with hard cap at 15.

2) All games will be played with 11th Edition Rules.

3) Two time outs per half.

4) Teams with both a JV and Varsity roster should limit the amount of crossover between the two rosters.

5) Any varsity players playing in a JV game must be approved by the other team's captain or coach.