Spring Youth Single Gender League (2007)

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Team League
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This league has both Girls and Boys (Open) divisions. There are several different divisions based on experience. It is open to any high school team in the area regardless of whether they have varsity, school club, or no official status at their school.


Online registration is now open. Click here to sign up.

The HS Single Gender League meeting will be this Thursday, March 8 at The Northwest School at 7PM. We don't need team captains just the adult coaches and organizers. (Enter just down from the corner of Crawford & Union St - www.northwestschool.org for directions)

Please register online before then. Sorry that the registration was not enabled earlier.

Agenda items

  1. Play everyone once in league. Trying to play everyone twice was too much last year. Of course teams can play each other non-league as often as they want.
  2. Games can be played on a Saturday if that works for both teams.


Mike Mullen is your 2007 Spring High School Single Gender League Coordinator. You can contact him with questions or comments at .


This year the league is going to be organized more like other high school sports. DiscNW will not be providing fields for all the games and the scheduling will be done by each school/team with a little help from a scheduling template. There will be a scheduling meeting after sign-ups close in late February. Due to field restraints some games may be on weekends this year while many will hopefully still be on weeknights. Teams that don


This league will use the UPA 11th Edition Rules.

The league will also require that every team has an adult (over 21) chaperone (preferably coaches) for each team at every game. For organizing purposes the league will require that an adult represents each school/team. Adults will be required to take care of all the external organizing.

Rosters and Eligibility:

The single gender league will be using the recently approved DiscNW Eligibility Rules.

Teams and players who wish to apply for exceptions to these rules must apply to the DiscNW Eligibility Committee () prior to the start of the season.

This will be a UPA Sanctioned league. All rosters will be completed using the UPA rostering tool. More details will be posted soon.