High School Single-Gender Spring League (2011)

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Team League
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This league has varsity and junior varsity divisions for both girls and boys. It is open to any high school team in the area, regardless of the team's official status at school.

This is a weekday afternoon/evening league. 

Rusty Brown is your League Coordinator.

Mike Mullen will be the Assistant League Coordinator.


Read responses to frequently-asked questions by clicking on the FAQ link at the top of this page. Question still not answered? Use the Contact email address listed above to get in touch with the League Coordinators Rusty and Mike.


Registration is now closed, if you wish to try to register late for the league please email the coordinators.

The league fee is $75/team. Scholarships are available; please email the League Coordinator if you wish to apply for a scholarship.


Please bookmark this page for updates to the league timeline and important information for teams.

The league will not be sanctioned by USAU, so the DiscNW paperwork is the only required paperwork.  Please visit the Rules and Policies page for details on what paperwork will be required.


Important Dates:

November 29th
Registration Opens
January 21st

Varsity Registration Closes

February 1st

Varsity Schedule Available

February 9th 630pm Mandatory Coaches
March 1st League Payment Due
March 3rd JV Registration Closes
March 7th
JV Schedule Available
March 14th

Games Begin

May 9th Last week of Games
May 14th/15th Westerns (Corvalis, OR)
May 17th-26th Possible dates for State Championship
May 22nd Possible date for JV SG Jamboree
June 5th Alternate date for JV SG Jamboree


Click here for a Google map of all high school single gender fields.

Fields in Seattle will be used for the league.  Permits for field reservations are here: Seattle.


Click here for notes from the coaches' meeting.

All games will be to 13, point cap at 15.

2 time-outs per half, no time-outs in the caps.

Soft cap 20 minutes before the scheduled end of the game. Soft cap is determined by ending the current point, then adding 2 to the highest score. That is the new point total to win. Still win by two, but not to exceed 15.

Hard cap 10 minutes before the scheduled end of the game. Hard cap is determined by ending the current point, and if game is tied teams will play one additional point. If the game is not tied when hard cap goes on then game is over regardless of who scored the final goal.

All other rules will be by the Official Rules of Ultimate, 11th Edition. As per the captain's clause in the 11th Edition, captains/coaches can change any of the game rules with agreement from both parties.

Teams with both JV and Varsity rosters should limit the crossover between the two rosters.

Any Varsity players playing in a JV game must be approved by the opposing captain or coach. In the event a team does not apprise an opponent of a Varsity player participating in the game, that team will forfeit the game.