Spring High School Co-Ed League (2009)

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Team League
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 Congratulations to the following winners:

League Spirit Award: Nova

A Pool Champ: The Bush School

B Pool Champ: University Prep

C Pool Champ: Franklin HS

Full Results:

  • A Division
  • B Division
  • C Division
  • Great season, everyone!!

    This co-ed league is open to high school-based teams (grades 9-12, public or private).  There are usually two divisions for skill/experience.

    Frank Nam is your League Coordinator.  You can contact him with comments or questions at the email address at the top of this page.

    Important Dates:

    • January 1: Registration Opens. League fees announced.
    • February 7: Registration closes.  League fees due.
    • February 17: Schedule announced.
    • March 14: First games.
    • May 16: Playoffs

    Registration is now closed. League fees are $325. If you are not able to pay the league fees by the end of registration, please email the League Coordinator at the address above to communicate your payment needs.


    Please check the hotline each Saturday before heading out to your games, because conditions may change.  DiscNW Hotline: 206-781-5840


    Seattle Ultimate Camps will provide the following sessions in 2009:
    • June 15-19: Single-gender camps for middle school students
    • June 22-26: Co-ed camps for the following age groups: 10-12, 12-13, and high school
    • August 17-21: Co-ed camps for the following age groups: 10-12, 12-13, and high school
    Sign up today!

    Discs. Youth teams are eligible to purchase DiscNW logo discs at $6 each. Please contact Wynne Scherf, , for more information.


    Field Permits:


    There will be a mandatory coaches' meeting on a weeknight prior to the start of the league.  Topics will include league logistics, schedules, rules, and expectations of coaches.


    • This league uses the UPA 11th Edition rules.
    • All teams are required to have an adult coach present at all games.
    • All league-specific rules were outlined at the coaches' meeting.  If you did not receive a copy of the meeting minutes, please contact your League Coordinator at the email address listed above.


    • All players on one team must attend the same school. Please review the DiscNW Eligibility Rules for more information. All exceptions must be approved by the Eligibility Committee.
    • All players must complete a DiscNW waiver prior to participating in any league games.

    Dogs are NOT allowed at any Seattle parks or athletic fields. It does not matter if your dog is leashed or unleashed. Please leave your pets at home.