Spring High School Co-Ed League (2007)

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This league is for coed (4b/3g ratio) high school teams. There are several different divisions based on experience. It is open to any high school team in the area regardless of whether they have varsity, school club, or no official status at their school. This is one of the largest high school leagues in the country.

The schedule for the first three weeks is finished and posted. The remaining schedule is finished and will be posted later this week.


Co-ed League Playoffs!

The schedule and seedings for co-ed playoffs are all finished! Let's do seedings first:
1. Monroe
2. Ballard
3. Bush
4. Edmonds-Woodway
5. Ingraham
6. Roosevelt
7. Garfield
8. Bellevue

1. Center School
2. Overlake
3. Everett
4. Bainbridge
6. Shorewood
7. University Prep
8. Nova
9. Bush B

A pool games will be at Shoreline as usual with first game at 1:00pm, second at 2:30pm and finals (consolation and championship) at 4:00pm.

B pool games will be at Marymoor (not Magnuson - my typo last time) at turf fields 2A and 3A. At 10:00am Nova and Bush B will play a play-in game to determine who's the 8th seed in a single-elimination game. Then play for everyone else will start at 11:30am, then 1:00pm and 2:30 pm for championship and consolation finals.

Online registration is now closed.


Frank Nam is your 2007 Spring High School Co-Ed League Coordinator. You can contact him with questions or comments at .



  • This will be a coed league. Gender ratio will be 4b/3g or 4g/3b.
  • All games will be played on Saturdays.
  • We plan to play all games at Shoreline, South Park, and Marymoor Park in Redmond, WA but this is subject to change.
  • All teams are required to have an adult coach present at all games.

Important Dates

  • February 5 - Registration opens
  • March 6 - Registration closes
  • March 6 - Coaches Meeting - Montlake Library - 6pm
  • March 17 - Start of season
  • May 19 - End of season playoffs


Online team registration is now closed. Payments are due by March 17. Fees are $250 per team. Online credit card payments are accepted. Checks can be mailed to:

Attn: Spring HS Coed League
PO Box 85112
Seattle, WA 98145

UPA Sanctioning

For the first time in Co-ed HS League history, DiscNW will be sanction the league through the UPA for all particpants. The benefits to this relationship are two-fold:

1. online-rostering - coaches/captains will now use the UPA's system to put their rosters online and to get their waivers in. This system will greatly simplify the old process of paper waivers!

2. UPA membership - all co-ed league participants will be eligible to participate in any UPA tournament like Westerns and YCC.

Questions about registration and fees should be directed to .

Coaches Meeting

The Coaches Meeting will be on Tuesday March 6th at the Montlake Library. You can find it at 2401 24th Ave. E. We will be in the meeting room from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. This meeting is mandatory so please make plans to send a representative to it. We will go over league logistics, schedules, rules, and expectations of coaches. And with the UPA sanctioning this year - we will go over on how to use the UPA's online rostering and waivering. Very cool!


DiscNW logo discs may be purchased from us. Youth teams are always eligible to purchase discs at $5 each. Please contact William Bartram at for more info.


The 11th Edition of the Rules of Ultimate has been approved by a vote of the UPA membership. The DiscNW Leagues Committee has decided to use these rules for all DiscNW events in 2007. DiscNW will provide Spring League Captains with a complimentary rule book at the Captains Meeting. We also advise all players to review the online documents to familiarize themselves with the new changes.

Comments, questions, complaints about this decision should be directed to the Executive Director at .

Other rules and policies will be posted prior to the start of the season. Coaches will have the opportunity to weigh in on rules at the pre-season Coaches Meeting.


The DiscNW Eligibility Rules are up and can be found at www.discnw.org/youth/eligibility.html. The eligibility rules established here are intended to apply for all official DiscNW youth events including leagues and tournaments. The two principles guiding these rules are fairness and growth. Inclusiveness, while important, is not the overriding principle at play. Teams that are school based with support of teachers, administrators, and parents stand the best chance of stability and survival over the long term. As DiscNW is an ever-evolving organization, the eligibility rules are subject to change in future years to further the goals of the group.