2016 Spring High School Girls League

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Team League
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We will be live streaming the finals!

Click here to watch!

DiscNW High School Ultimate League

  • Emerald City League
  • Seattle Public School League
  • Puget Sound League


This year JV games will be 5V5.  Some teams who have enough players can opt to play 7V7 if the coaches and organizers agree.  



Registration Opens

December 17th

Registration Closes

February 29th

Financial Aid Applications Due

February 29th

Eligibility Applications Due

February 8th & March 9th

First Practice Date Allowed

February 29th

Paperwork Due (If you are mailing in paperwork, please make sure that it is received by the due date)

March 5th

First Week of Games

March 14th

Seattle Girls’ Invite

April 30th – May 1st

DiscNW League Championships

Quarters-May 19th , Semis May 23, Finals May 25th

USAU State Championship

TBD - May 14th – 15th

USAU Westerns

June 4th – 5th in Corvallis


Registration Steps

  1. Provide registration information to League Coordinators
  • Complete the online registration form (DiscNW user account required)
  1. Complete participation waiver agreements for all players and coaches
  • Option 1 – Players and coaches complete the online waivers and agreements (DiscNW user account required for each participant)
  • Option 2 – Players sign paper waivers that are mailed to DiscNW
  1. Submit payment
  • The season fee is $9/player for varsity team players, $5/player for JV
  • The season includes the league season, playoffs, and the league Championship
  • Option 1 – Pay via check payable to DiscNW, PO Box 85112, Seattle, WA 98145
  • Option 2 – Make arrangements with League Coordinators to pay via credit card
  1. Request insurance certificates
  • Option 1 - Complete an online form to request insurance certificates (no account required)
  • Option 2 - Email request information to the League Coordinators ()
  • Financial Aid Applications are due February 29th.  Apply here: https://www.discnw.org/events/949/



This league uses the Official Rules of Ultimate, 11th Edition (click here for mobile version). We will be using the "Contact" call. Please see details here:http://www.usaultimate.org/college/guidelines.aspx#Rules

All Games are to 13, point capped at 15.

3 time outs per game, may all be used in a single half

Game slots are 80 mins to the hard cap

At 90 mins, each team gains one more possession. If at the conclusion of this the game is still tied the game ends in a tie.




Financial aid applications are due February 8th.  Apply here https://www.discnw.org/events/949/

Applications for eligibility exception are due February 8th.  Apply here https://www.discnw.org/events/EligibilityApplication/