Sea Plastic (2013)

Event Type
Team Tournament
Event Start
Event End
Ocean Shores, WA


Sea Plastic makes it's triumphant return for 2013!

The event will take place on July 20-21 in Ocean Shores, WA

There is room for 8-10 teams to play.  Since beach games are shorter than "land" ultimate games, we will use a one day format for the team play on Saturday.  On Sunday, we will mix up the rosters with a random hat draw.





Online registration is now open.  The team fee is $164 (includes sales tax).  Payment may be made online or via check made payable to DiscNW, Attn: Beach, PO Box 85112, Settle, WA 98145.

All players listed on an accepted team's roster will be eligible for the hat draw on Sunday.  We are not accepting registration for individuals for the Sunday hat draw.  Please contact the Tournament Directors at  if you do not have a team but would like to play in the hat draw.



Camping is available nearby at Ocean City State Park.  Players will need to make their own arrangements for camping.

We are working on securing a tournament hotel, check back for updates.



Tournament organizers are working on a plan for amenities at the tournament.  Some food (fruit and snacks) and shade (one pop up tent) will be provided on the beach for participants.  Players should bring their own lunches and water bottles.

We are working to secure a party location and tournament hotel, check back here for updates, or register and as things become available we will email all teams.

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For more about beach ultimate:

For more about Ocean Shores:



This will be a 5-on-5 beach tournament.   We will use the USA Ultimate 11th Edition Rules of the Game with the BULA appendix for 5-on-5 play (.pdf).

This is a coed tournament with a 3:2 men:women gender ratio.

All games are played to 17 with the hard cap also at 17.  The Hard Time Cap is on at 60 minutes after the round start time.  At that Cap, finish the current point.  If one team is ahead, the game is over.  If the game is tied, teams will play one more point.

Each team gets 2 time outs per half.  Time outs are 60 seconds long.  Half time occurs when a team first scores 9 points.

Upside-down pulls are recommended but not requried.

The stall count is to 10.

The two point rule will be used: Two points are scored when a player throws a completed pass from within their defending endzone to within their attacking endzone.

There is no brick mark.  If the pull lands out of bounds, the disc is to be put into play on the playing field proper closest to where the disc crossed went out of bounds.  If the disc lands out of the back of the endzone, the disc is put into play on the front line of the endzone.