Sea Plastic

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Team Tournament
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Ocean Shores, WA

Washington State's only beach tournament makes an epic return for its 7th annual year.

This a fun, highly spirited, intimate, and competitive beach ultimate event. Come out and play for the Orca Cup!

The event will take place July 21-22, 2018, in Ocean Shores, WA.

Please note that the gender ratio rules will have men and women play equal amounts over the course of the tournament. Roster your teams accordingly!

We will once again this year have pool play on Saturday and bracket play will conclude on Sunday. We have room for 20 teams.


UPDATE- May 17, 2018: Registration for Sea Plastic 2018 will be open on Monday, May 21, 2018! Cost is $285.00. We're excited to see everyone there!


Important Dates

May 21st Registration Opens
July 13th Registration Closes
July 13th Rosters, Waivers, and Team Payment Due
July 21st/22nd Sea Plastic!!!!

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This will be a 5-on-5 beach tournament.   We will use the USA Ultimate 11th Edition Rules of the Game with the BULA appendix for 5-on-5 play (.pdf).

This is a mixed tournament with a 3:2, 2:3 (men:women) gender ratio. One half of each game will be played 3:2, and the other half will be played 2:3. Captains will decide which half has which ratio after the lag for pull. Please roster your teams accordingly! 

Games will be 60 minutes long with a 5 minute half. There will be 15 minutes in between rounds. 

Each team gets 2 time outs per game. Time outs are 60 seconds long.  

To determine Pull, Color, and gender ratio playing Lag the disc is recommended! The captains of each team will choose a representative to “Lag” the disc. One representative of each team will throw the disc from the back of the end zone, trying to get it closer to the back of the opposite end zone without the disc going over or landing on the line.

The stall count is to 10.

The two point rule will be used: Two points are scored when a player throws a completed pass from within their defending endzone to within their attacking endzone.

Brick mark is determined by the player taking one standing leap from the center of the front the end zone. 

Foot blocks are not allowed. 

All players must be 18 years of age or older in order to participate.