Resolutions (2017)

Event Type
Team Tournament
Event Start
Event End
Magnuson Park, Seattle


Celebrate the New Year with ultimate!



Congratulations to Ghetto Birds on their repeat of A pool champions, knocking off a surging Fryz Alum team. Congratulations also goes to Cool for the Thumber, who defended their title in the B Pool.

We'd love to hear feedback about this tournament, if you participated this year and have 5-10mins please fill out this survey.



Preliminary Game Schedule is up.

General Schedule for the day:

  • 830am-9am : Team Check-in (one member must check in at tournament central)
  • 9am : Round 1
  • 1030am : Round 2
  • 12pm-1230pm : Lunch
  • 1230pm : Round 3
  • 2pm : Round 4
  • 330pm : Round 5

Rules and cap schedule is below.





When: Saturday, January 7th

Where: On the synthetic turf fields at Magnuson Park in Seattle.

Why: 'cuz winter ultimate is fun.

How Much: $241.12.  Team Captains can pay online (see instructions following online registration) or can mail a check to:

Attn: Resolutions
PO Box 85112
Seattle, WA 98145


Kira Morin of Ren Fitness will be stopping by during the midday lunch break to talk about the new gym and answer any questions, so if you've been curious about it, or are just now hearing about the new gym designed for Ultimate Players then make sure you find Kira near frisbee central around noon.


We'll use the USA Ultimate 11th Edition Rules

  • This is a coed tournament. The gender ratio is 4:3 - men:women.  All participants must be 18 years of age or older.
  • All games are to 13 points, win by two, with a point cap at 15.  The rounds are 90 mins long.  At 75 mins time the hard time cap is on (two horns): finish the point, if the score is tied, the game continues until one additional goal is scored.

  • There are 2 timeouts per half, which are, by rule, 90 seconds long.