Resolutions (2013)

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Team Tournament
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Celebrate the New Year with ultimate!


Resolutions will take place on Saturday.  Schedule for the day is as follows:


  • Round 1 - 9am to 1030am
  • Round 2 - 1030am to 12pm
  • Round 3 - 12pm to 130pm
  • Lunch - 130pm to 2pm
  • Round 4 - 2pm to 330pm
  • Round 5 - 330pm to 5pm 




Captain's Packet just got emailed to all registrants, some excerpts are below:

      Pool assignments are NOT based on strength. "Get Fit" is the harder of the two pools, even though it's labeled as B pool.

            What we will provide: Hot water for drinks, cup of noodles, granola bars, cookies, apples, apple cider, hot cocoa, cups and utensils.

            What we will NOT provide: Potable water for drinking (outside of hot drinks), so bring extra from home as there are no fountains at the park. Rain shelter, we only have enough for Frisbee central so prep accordingly.

            What everyone will have access to: Port-a-potties, please only use the available bathrooms and not the surrounding nature. Free parking! Beautiful turf fields, please keep them that way throughout the day, by using the available trash receptacles.

 direct link to the field map is here:

I have labeled all the fields next to the cart paths “A”, and those fields farthest from the paths are “B”. So for example 7A is the west side of field 7, whereas 6A is the east side of field 6.


Unfortunately, we only have room for 12 teams in 2012!

When: Saturday, January 5th

Where: On the synthetic turf fields at Magnuson Park in Seattle.

Why: 'cuz winter ultimate is fun.

How Much: It's $229.95 (includes sales tax) per team. Team Captains can pay online (see instructions following online registration) or can mail a check to

Attn: Resolutions
PO Box85112
Seattle, WA 98145

Questions? Contact the Tournament Directors at .


We'll use the USA Ultimate 11th Edition Rules

  • This is a coed tournament. The gender ratio is 4:3 - men:women.
  • All games are to 13 points, win by two, with a point cap at 15.  The rounds are 1 hour and 20 minutes long.  At that time the hard time cap is on (two horns): finish the point, if the score is tied, the game continues until one additional goal is scored.

  • There are 2 timeouts per half, which are, by rule, 90 seconds long.

This is an adult event in accordance with the DiscNW Team League Participation Policy