Event Type
Team Tournament
Event Start
Event End
Magnuson Park, Seattle, WA

Celebrate the New Year with ultimate!


Team fee will be $330.30. There are two main factors for the increase in fees this year:

  1. Field costs in Seattle are rising by 25% as of January 1st, 2018.
  2. We will be bringing certified trainers to all DiscNW tournament events beginning in 2018.


Preliminary Game Schedule is up.

General Schedule for the day:

  • 830am-9am : Team Check-in (one member must check in at tournament central)
  • 9am : Round 1
  • 1030am : Round 2
  • 12pm-1230pm : Lunch
  • 1230pm : Round 3
  • 2pm : Round 4
  • 330pm : Round 5

Rules and cap schedule is below.



When: Saturday, January 6th

Where: On the synthetic turf fields at Magnuson Park in Seattle.

Why: 'cuz winter ultimate is fun.

How Much: $330.30.  Team Captains will be able to pay online (see instructions following online registration) or mail a check to:

Attn: Resolutions 
PO Box 85112 
Seattle, WA 98145


We'll use the USA Ultimate 11th Edition Rules

  • This is a mixed-gender tournament. The gender ratio is 4:3 - men:women.  All participants must be 18 years of age or older.
  • All games are to 13 points, win by two, with a point cap at 15.  The rounds are 90 mins long.  At 75 mins time the hard time cap is on (two horns): finish the point, if the score is tied, the game continues until one additional goal is scored.

  • There are 2 timeouts per half, which are, by rule, 90 seconds long.