Olympia Fall Hat League (2013)

Event Type
Hat League
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Olympia, WA

This is the seventh annual fall hat league in Olympia. This league will be somewhat more competitive than the spring league in Olympia.


Fall League is back!  register now!


We have switched to a new pod format which should give us better numbers for coed games and a chance to play single gender for the guys.  Here is a copy of the schedule.  Make sure to note if your team is dark or light each week.  Hopefully your captain will remind you, or just keep one of each in your bag.


Fall League Schedule

 East Field
Dark Shirts
East Field
Light Shirts
West Field
Dark Shirts
West Field
Light Shirts
9/30 W-D, M-A W-L, M-C M-B, M-D M-E, M-F
10/7 W-D, M-B W-L, M-E M-A, M-C M-D, M-F
10/14 W-D, M-C W-L, M-D M-A, M-E M-B, M-F
10/21 W-D, M-D W-L, M-B M-A, M-F M-C, M-E
10/28 W-D, M-E W-L, M-F M-A, M-D M-B, M-C
11/4 W-D, M-F W-L, M-A M-B, M-E M-C, M-D
11/11 Playoffs Game 1    
W-D, M-2 W-L, M-3 M-1, M-6 M-4, M-5
11/18 Fall League Championship    
of Game 1
W, M-1 M-3, M-5 M-4, M-6

Pods (Half-teams)

  • W-D: Women, Green shirts (capt. Andrea)
  • W-L: Women, Light shirts (capt.?)
  • M-A: D-Spencer (capt. Spencer)
  • M-B: NAWABS (capt. Andrew)
  • M-C: Team Future (capt. Santana)
  • M-D: Nutty Buddy (capt. Corey)
  • M-E: Team Halfling (capt. John Williams)
  • M-F: Equanimity (capt. Ian)

  • Information

    The league will run Monday nights starting September 30th.  Games will be scheduled from 6:30-8:30pm at the Regional Athletic Complex in Lacey.

    Contact Todd King at  for more information about the league.

    The cost is $38.05 (includes sales tax).  The player fee may be paid online or via check to DiscNW, Attn: Olympia Fall League, PO Box 85112, Seattle, WA 98145.

    Stay tuned for more information about registration dates, the draft, and more.




    The 11th Edition of the Rules of Ultimate will be used for this league.

    Please always follow the directions of the League Coordinators regarding field layout, park rules, and DiscNW policies.

    Please start and end your game on time!!

    Games are to 19. 

    There is no soft cap.  The hardcap will be on at 8:15 each night.  When the cap goes on finish the current point according to 11th Edition Rules.  If one team is winning by two or more then the game is over.  If not add one to the highest score and play to that point total.