Northwest Challenge (2016)

Event Type
Team Tournament
Event Start
Event End
Burlington, WA

Welcome to the 2016 Northwest Challenge!

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It's March, so Northwest Challenge is right around the corner!  Contact the Tournament Directors with questions at



UltiPhotos is providing Official Event Photograhy for the 2016 Northwest Challenge!




In 2016, NW Challenge will host four divisions:

Women's D1: Fri-Sun, 7 games guaranteed.  Format: 2 Pools of 5, top 3 teams from each pool crossover to play each other.  Bottom 2 teams from each pool crossover to play each other and top team from one D2 pool.  

Men's D1: Fri-Sun, 7 games guaranteed.  Format: All games Pre-Secheduled.

Women's D2: Sat-Sun, 6 games guaranteed. Format: 2 Pools of 4.  Top team from each pool crosses over to play each other and bottom 2 teams from a D1 pool.  Bottom 3 teams from each pool crossover to play each other. 

Women's Dev: Sat-Sun, 6 games guaranteed.  Format: Round robin + placement game.  


Friday play will be located on the UW Intramural Fields

Friday showcase game location Nathan Hale HS Stadium

Saturday and Sunday play will be located at the Skagit River Park Playfields



  • Lined fields
  • Observers for some games
  • Rules, sideline space, and round times that closely mirror nationals
  • Media Coverage.  We will again work with Photographers, Video, and News providers to ensure the NWC is the most covered women's tournament of the year
  • Tournament Merchandise from our official NW Challenge Merchandise supplier, VC/Spin. 
  • Housing provided for teams (Limited - Will be on a first come/first serve basis) 
  • Friday night showcase game

Committed Teams:

Women's D1 (10)

    • University of Washington
    • University of British Columbia
    • Dartmouth College
    • Western Washington University
    • University of Victoria
    • Stanford University
    • Whitman College
    • Pittsburgh
    • Carleton College
    • Univeristy of Oregon

Men's D1 (10)

    • University of Washington
    • Western Washington Univeristy
    • University of British Columbia
    • Brigham Young University
    • Brown University
    • Whitman College
    • Montana State University
    • University of Victoria
    • University of Oregon
    • Oregon State University

Women's D2 (8-12)

    • UC Davis
    • Seven Hills (Red)
    • Puget Sound Univeristy
    • Claremont College
    • Oregon State
    • University of Idaho
    • University of Montana
    • Reed College

Women's Dev (5)

    • University of Washington-B
    • Whitman College-B
    • University of British Columbia-B
    • Simon Fraser University
    • Montana State University



Tournament Rules:

  • All Games are to 15, point cap of 17  
  • 2 timeouts per half  
  • 1 timeout in Overtime (OT is reached once score is 14-14)
  • Soft Cap - 85 minutes (finish point, add two to highest score, play to that score)
  • Hard Cap - 105 minutes (finish point, if one team is leading, game is over.  If tied, play one more point)
  • All games played by 11th edition rules including experimental rules (Contact and 20 yard endzone)

While one elite game each round will be observed, we’d like to ask each team to work to follow the rules for time between points and in timeouts as well as minimize delays on calls.  Let’s work together to both maximize the number of points played as well as simulate nationals time lines as closely as possible.